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Things to do in Tel Aviv:  Tel Aviv markets and bazaars

Tel Aviv markets and bazaars

Tel Aviv markets – true feast of colors and tastes 

Tel Aviv attracts its residents and guests with markets and bazaars no one can pass. Some of the most interesting are The Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpeshim) and covered Farmer’s Market at Tel Aviv Port.
If you take an interest in more genuine bazaars, where one can take a closer look at various population groups, you should certainly visit Shuk Hakarmel and Levinsky markets.
You will find there something to buy without fail, but, more importantly, you will revel in singular atmosphere, unique aromas, and true feast of colors and tastes. A wide range of lovely local delicacies will await you on multitudinous market stalls.

Places to visit in Tel Aviv

“White City” Route makes you feel deeply multiplicity, diversity, and rare resplendence of the splendiferous Israeli city.

Neve Tzedek is indispensable for romantic people, history fans, and amateurs of short, meandering bystreets.

Tel Aviv Seashore
At the seashore, you can revel in amazing peace and quiet or stroll through the long promenade with its never-ending restaurants and cafes all along.

Tel Aviv Port draws to its spacious wooden promenade thousands of people, who would like to enjoy delicacies, shopping, and entertainments in the atmosphere of romantic sunsets, salty sea breeze, and white sails on the horizon.

Millenniums of history meet in Jaffa, the birthplace of Tel Aviv and one of the oldest towns on Earth. Today Jaffa is the center of tourism, connoisseurship, and recreation in exotic Levantine spirit.