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Tiberias: The Place to Spend Time in Israel

Tiberias museums and culture

Tiberias - Museums and culture around the Sea of Galilee

If you already ordered your flight tickets to Israel, and you're going to visit Lake Kinneret, El Al gathered all the information you need to know.

Galleries, museums, and visitors’ centers

Dona Gracia Museum: 04-6700930

Maimonides Heritage Center: 04-6790623

Galilee Multimedia Presentation

Tells the history of Galilee
Tel. 04-6723620

Yaskil Gallery
The gallery is situated in the newly restored Dona Gracia Street.
Adjust your visit in advance by phone.
Tel. 04-6721087

Tiberias Information Center:  04-6725666

Caprice Diamonds and Jewelry: 04-6700600

Golans Jewelry
Tel: 04-6725554

Cinema theatres and cultural facilities:

Yad Shitit:
Tiberias public library
Tel. 04-6739577, 04-6739677

Beit-Gavriel: Jordan valley, a cultural center
Tel. 04-6751175

The first community center: Tulsa Auditorium
Tel. 04-6797888

Tiberias Major Tourist Sites

The Tiberias Old City offers lots of interesting archaeological monuments testifying to the city’s rich history. If you want to combine rest at Tiberias with educational program and learn of the ancient history, you should without fail visit the Old City in Tiberias and unique historico-archaeological sites in its area.

The Archaeological Park
The ruins of the synagogue are from the end of Byzantium epoch and early Islam. Reconstruction of the mosaic shows clearly the motif of the four kinds of plants (the plants of the Sukkot holiday.

The Southern Walls
The city walls were built in the 18th century, but then ruined as a result of the earthquake in 1838 and only partially restored. One can clearly see the towers ‘interlaced’ with the walls. Going along the walls to the East and turning right to the boardwalk, you will be able to enjoy the view of the Greek Orthodox Church complex.

The tombs of the Jewish Righteous attract each year plenty of tourists and believers, who gather here to commemorate the great Jewish sages. Here such prominent Righteous, as Rambam (Maimonides), Meir Baal HaNes (Meir the Miracle-worker), Rabbi Akiba, and Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai, are buried. You can visit the tombs with the guided tours of the city, during which experienced guides will tell you about an extremely rich Jewish culture and life of the great Righteous buried in Tiberias.

A pedestrian street, leading from the Promenade upwards to the city center, each summer night offers people on vacation a picturesque bazaar, where one can buy many various souvenirs. Strolling through the street, you can take a sit in one of the cozy restaurants and ice-cream parlours and try the local cuisine. In winter, in an especially warm day and on weekends, on the pedestrian street there are various entertainments and games for all the family.

HaYarkon Street
Or, as the residents of Tiberias and its outskirts call it, Dagim (Fish). People come here at the weekend to buy fresh fish from Kineret. Recently, the street underwent major renovation.