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Water Sports and tourism in Tiberias

Tiberias tourism and water sports

Lake Kinneret attractions – Jeep tours and sailing through the Sea of Galilee

If you already ordered your flight tickets to Israel, and you're going to visit Lake Kinneret, El Al gathered all the information you need to know.

water centers

There are three water centers offering various water and other sportive attractions along the Alon Promenade.

The Waterworld. Tel. 0507-385928

Water Sports. Tel. 0522-692664

The Water Sports Center. Tel. 0523-491462

The Tiberias Rowing Club. Tel. 04-6790243

The Tiberias Tennis Center. Tel. 04-6731568

Bycicle renting. Aviv Hotel. Tel. 04-6723510

Maman Villa. Tel. 04-6792986

Kayaks. Abu Kayak in the Jordan Park.
Tel. 04-692107

Rob Roy: the canoe goes along the southern part of Jordan River.
Tel. 0522-413176

Jeep Tours

Jimmy Jeep: Giv’at Yoav
Tel. 04-6763406

Orha be-Arbel: the Mount Arbel
Tel. 04-6792777

Jeep Plus: Ramot
Tel. 04-6732317
Mobile: 0505-209146

Jeep Trip: 0528-575210

Jeep al ha-Rama: 0502-396220


Vered HaGalil: 04-6935785

Halom Olami: 0505-377488

Sea Voyages/ Sailing through Kinneret (The Sea of Galilee)

Lido Company: 04-6721538

Holyland Yachts Ltd: 04-6723006/7