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Today Nazareth is a bustling modern city with 80 thousand inhabitants - the largest Arabic city in Israel. It also plays the role of the economic and cultural center for the entire Arab community not only in Nazareth, but in the neighboring small towns like Rainey, Kfar Kanna, Ein Mahal and Iksal.

Most residents work in tourism, services, commerce and local crafts. Agricultural development is hampered by a scarcity of soil. Recently local people started develop some new industries, such as ice production, making pottery and metal souvenirs.
Nazareth is not a place to visit one or few churches, no matter what number was scheduled. Christian pilgrims want to visit all the historical places of the city to understand what Jesus saw and felt in his time. They want to pass through the narrow winding streets, visit small shops, take a look at the locals, to see the Old Town and to recreate for themselves Nazareth of that time what Jesus knew it. Only visit the Old City takes more than two hours and not less than several days are required to experience Nazareth fully.
Nazareth offers a wide variety of places to stay. In the city there are hotels of three-, four-and five stars, two cloisters, located on a hill above the town and converted to hotels and inexpensive hostel in the Old Market.

Information for visitors of Nazareth


Nazareth is located at the southern tip of the Galilee, among the height and the hills - Nabi Sain, Roman, Kufze, Rajmah and mountains Sheikh. The tallest hill is 500 meters height. Hills form horseshoe shape with the city in the center, which has field of view to the Jezreel Valley, set off by verdant fields.

The hills generally consist of chalk. From the hills tops especially from the top of Nabi Sain stunning views to the entire north of Israel open - Jezreel valley, Carmel and Tabor mountains, Megiddo (biblical Armageddon), Nablus mountains, the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean Sea.

The main thruway of modern Nazareth is the Pope Paul VI central street with crossroads at the beginning and at the end. At the foot of the mountain near the entry to Nazareth additional rout is constructing. Heart of Nazareth - Old City, with the complex of historical and religious buildings and cultural monuments, surrounded by villas and houses, is located on the hills slopes.


Because of the mountain locating, most of the year Nazareth has good weather. During spring and autumn, the temperature is usually slightly higher than 20ºC. In summer, temperature can reach 40ºC, although usually it is around 30ºC - 35ºC. In winter, temperatures can drop to 0ºC, but normally it is around 10ºC. Primary wind directions are north-east and west. The raining season begins in October and ends in April. The bulk of precipitation falls in January.

How to get

Nazareth is located in the northern part of Israel, about a half hour's drive from Tel Aviv, and an hour's drive from Haifa.

From Tel Aviv and neighborhoods:
Get highway number 65 to Afula. After passing the Wadi Ara exit to Sargel highway (bypass highway around Afula). When highway ends, turn left on highway number 60 until you see the sign marked Nazareth.

From Tel Aviv and neighborhood on highway number 6 (toll road):
Turn right at the Iron crossroad on Highway number 65. After passing the Wadi Ara exit to Sargel highway (bypass highway around Afula). When highway ends, turn left on highway number 60 until you see the sign marked Nazareth.

From Tiberias:
Course west on highway number 77, then turn left on highway number 754 until you see the sign marked Kfar Kanna and Nazareth.

From Haifa:
Course on highway number 75 throughout Kiryat Tivon and Migdal Emek.

By public transport:
Course from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station on route number 823 by Egged Bus Company; or by one of the routes by Nazareth Travel and Tourism bus Company from Haifa or any other city in the north of the country:

The best way to park the car is to find free place closer to the city center, near the Basilica of the Annunciation or near the Mary’s Well which is close to Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation. If you're lucky, you can find a place on the city's main Paul VI thoroughfare, or you can try to park in one of the following stops:

  • parking near the main post office
  • parking Khan El-Basha on the Casa Nova street
  • White Building parking on the Paul VI street, near the Mercantile Bank
  • parking next to the "Muscovy" hotel, not far from the Old Market
  • parking next to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, in front of the Federation of Trade Unions building
  • parking in front of Friendship building, near the Mary’s Well.

The city central street - Paul VI Street - distinguishes by a constant heavy traffic, so the fastest and most economical way to travel around the city center - is walking.

Useful telephone numbers:
All numbers below are given in the form in which they are dialed in Israel. If you dial from abroad, add the country code to the number (+972) and do not dial the first number digit 0.

Nazareth Tourist and Cultural Association: 04 - 6011072
The Ministry of Tourism: 04 - 6570555 or 04 - 6573003
Police: 100
Magen David Adom (Israel's ambulance): 101
Municipality: 106

Israeli-Arabic: 04 - 6571030
HaPoalim: 04 - 6572336
Discount: 04 - 6562333
Leumi: 04 - 6570282
Jerusalem: 04 - 6569059
Mercantile, The Market branch: 04 - 6477700
Mercantile, Paulus VI branch: 04 - 6577882
Mercantile, El-Raam branch: 04 - 6477800
Tefahot: 04 - 6550922

Currency exchange:
Shafique Nassir: 04 - 6554104
Kattuf: 04 - 6559004

The Latin Basilica of the Annunciation: 04 - 6554170
The Greek Catholic Church: 04 - 6568488
Maronite Church: 04 - 6554526
The Greek Orthodox Church: 04 - 6569349
Coptic Church of the Annunciation: 04 - 6565554
Baptist Church: 04 - 6554030
The Protestant Church: 04 - 6554017
Latin Patriarchal Church: 04 - 6554075
The Orthodox Church of the Annunciation: 04 - 6574566

White Mosque: 04 – 6569061
Mosque of Peace (al-Salam): 04 - 6468539

Cultural centers:
British Cultural Center: 04 - 6679570
Municipal Cultural Center: 04 - 6554696 or 04 - 6452451
French Cultural Center: 04 - 6560954
The Frank Sinatra Cinema: 04 - 6467138
Y.M.C.A: 04 - 6554356

Tourists’ recommendations in Nazareth

Holy Places of Nazareth
Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation is the place, where, according to legend, Archangel Gabriel announced to Saint Mary the forthcoming birth of her son Jesus. This church, also called the Cathedral of the Annunciation, located in the very heart of the Nazareth. Church of the Annunciation was rebuilt, and now visitors can observe the rich collection of icons, as well as ancient artifacts preserved from the Byzantine and the Crusaders eras. Church of the Annunciation is part of a large complex located on the main street of the Nazareth’s old city. This complex also includes other churches and monasteries. Church of the Annunciation is one of the holiest sites for Christians - that is why it attracts attention of many pilgrims and tourists from Israel and abroad throughout the year.

St. Joseph Church is the place, where, according to Christian tradition, carpenter's shop of Joseph
the Betrothed of the Saint Mary - the mother of Jesus – was located. The St. Joseph Church is accepted as a holy place by Christianity, while being the most important archaeological spot. This church, having been built in 1914, is located next to the Temple of the Annunciation. It was built in a Neo-Romanesque architectural style. Here you will see the ancient well, luxurious mosaic patterns and tunnels, one of which Joseph used as a workshop.

Additional information about the holy places of Nazareth

Monuments and Sights
Besides the holy places, Nazareth is proud of a large number of historical monuments and sights.

Additional information about the monuments and sights of Nazareth

The market of Nazareth
Local market of Nazareth is popular among tourists who flock to this city from all over the world. This extremely colorful and motley bazaar offers a wide range of fabrics, spices, handicrafts and art objects, as well as food. Market of Nazareth is a great place for tourists to explore the local people and its authentic culture. Here you will find local specialties and flavors, as well as souvenirs and other items handmade by Nazareth inhabitants. Walking through the market, you will see the ancient Ottoman style buildings, and will enjoy the great atmosphere that blend together the flavors of the local cuisine, the national fabric, spices and impassioned temperament of Nazareth inhabitants, along with an ancient and peculiar history of this magical city.

Restaurants and hotels in Nazareth
Nazareth offers you to choose a wide range of three, four and five-star hotels, as well as a wide variety of restaurants offering different national dishes, but primarily Arabic restaurants with their hospitality and abundance of national dishes. Nazareth offers extraordinary culinary delights and unique flavors of distinctive dishes throughout the year. The cuisine of Nazareth is so unusual because of the exclusive spices produced from plants grown on the Galilee hills near the Nazareth. A huge choice of restaurants with their delicious cuisine makes Nazareth one of the most prominent cities in the region, but many visitors and tourists are also attracted to Nazareth because of its rich history and culture, and of course, the holy places.

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