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Qumran National Park and tourist center

Qumran National Park tour with EL AL

Touring the ancient caves on the Dead Sea northern shore

The ancient caves and settlements on the Dead Sea northern shore, where the famous Dead Sea Scrolls - the oldest biblical documents ever discovered - were found. This is a history and everyday life sign of the mysterious Essenes, the Jewish sect, who fled from Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

Bedouin shepherd discovered the scrolls in clay jars in caves in 1947. Discovery marked the beginning of the diggings, which have helped to understand how difficult arranged life of the Essenes was.
This restored archaeological plot will help us to look into the life of this culture. A narration about the Qumran history accompanied with audiovisual show. Many of the original Dead Sea Scrolls are displayed in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Museum Beit Ha-Sofer - Kibbutz Almog
Phone: 972-2-9945201
Audio-visual presentation on the history of Qumran and the Essenes.

The places you can visit during the rest on the Dead Sea

Kibbutz and Nature Reserve Ein Gedi is a true oasis in the Judaean Desert, located in the immediate vicinity of the Dead Sea and offers to visitors an unforgettable experience.

Masada National Park
The eternal symbol of Jewish history, the place of heroic resistance of the Jewish heroes who had committed suicide, but did not give up under the pressure of the Roman Empire power.

Solarium Ein Bokek is one of the best centers of climatotherapy for natural treatment of various skin disorders and joints diseases.

Mount Sodom is a 12-kilometer geological ridge, consisting of pure salt, which is located in the northeast of the Negev desert and is a unique natural phenomenon.

The famous "Kalia" beach is a well-equipped beach with easy descent to the water, the healing properties of which are well-known all over the world. The Beach "Kalia" is one of several well-organized beaches situated at the lowest point of the globe. It is declared as the most popular by the many tourists who come every year from all over the world to the Dead Sea to get a treatment.

Visiting the Bedouins. This is a unique opportunity for tourists in the Dead Sea area. You can stay in one of the many Bedouin tents scattered close to the Dead Sea. One of such inns, for example, is Han Naoto ha-Kikar, where you can enjoy an authentic Bedouin hospitality and to do into their amazing, unusual for contemporary culture traditions.

Flour Cave
Situated at short drive distance from the Ein Bokek. The mysterious 30-meter long underground passage, created by water erosion in the soft limestone, is located to the west of Mount Sodom. To bring flashlights is recommended.

Einot Zukim Nature Reserve
There are water sources and fresh water pools, and Secret Reserve trips. Picnic tables are available.

Metsukey Dargot
There are desert tourism center on the cliff top, and a beautiful verandas and a spectacular views café. Jeep tours and canyoning are available.

Ahava tourist center
Ahava Company produces cosmetics and health products on mud, minerals and salts from the Dead Sea basis. At the factory, you will see the presentation with an explanation about the different stages of production. You will visit the shop with company's products, as well as a gift shop and a cafe.

Fortress Zohar and canyon
Canyon is located in white soft limestone. Above the canyon ridge, to the west from Neve Zohar, are the ruins of two fortresses - Israelites and the Roman eras. These ruins are seen from the view point, located on Dead Sea – Arad highway.