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Touring Haifa

Touring Haifa

Touring Haifa – the Largest and most Vibrant City of the North
The blue sea, the green Carmel Mountain, the beaches and the modern city, all create a touristic attraction for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of Israel's third largest city. Those who visit Haifa will enjoy discovering an unusual mixture of cultures, nations and religions, living together in peace, of modern buildings and fascinating history and plenty of nature sites that should be seen.

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These are Haifa's most attracting and interesting sites

The Baha'i Gardens - A part of the international center of the Baha'i religion. It is difficult not to be impressed by the gardens' unusual beauty, colorfulness and beauty, whether you are wandering in the gardens or gazing at them from the lower city. The Baha'i Gardens invite their visitors to enjoy the glamorous vastness of well-groomed gardens that are wonderfully trimmed and the gardens' golden dome. The Baha'i Gardens are a magical and unique place with varied vegetation and special garden design.

The City Churches - A unique attraction. Among them you could find the church of Elijah, St. Mary's church of the Catholic Greek belief, and the Carmelite Monastery Stella Maris where, according to the Christian religion, Elijah is buried. An exploration of the city's churches presents Haifa's being a home to the three religions and to co-existence, which is presented in the everyday life of this unique city.

The German Colony - Located in the lower part of the city and includes a variety of beautiful stone houses that were built by German Templers in the 19th century and a unique urban plan that was customary at that time. Today this part of the city offers many special coffee shops and restaurants with a wonderful ambiance. You can wonder around the alleys of its streets and enjoy the old architecture adjacent to new buildings and a more modern atmosphere.
Haifa has many Museums – The Israeli National Maritime Museum, the Immigration and Navy Museum, the Mada-Tech – the Israel National Museum of Science, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Haifa Museum of Art and more. These museums, which are active throughout the year, enable the visitors to enjoy a unique experience that includes enrichment in many fields of knowledge that is suitable for all ages.

The Carmelit - Israel's only subway that enables the city's inhabitants and visitors to comfortably travel the slopes of the Carmel mountain. At the top end of the Carmelit trail, you should visit Gan Ha'em and Lui Promenade, viewing over the landscape of the sea. The Carmelit started working in the city in the early 1960's, when it formed a uniquely improved means of transportation that mobilized the city inhabitants between the three main areas of the city: the lower city, Hadar neighborhood and the Carmel Center. As a successful means of connection between these important sections of the city up till today, the Carmelit is a unique attraction for all who visit the city, and is suitable for the whole family.

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