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 Haifa Subway – The Carmelit

Attractions in Haifa and transportation

The Carmelit is the only Israeli subway. The underground funicular railway allows residents and guests of the city easily move up and down Mount Carmel. After you get out of the highest Carmelit station, you can visit the Haifa Zoo and stroll through Louis Promenade with its magnificent view of the sea.

The Carmelit

The Haifa subway was opened in the beginning of the 60s and was at that time the state-of-the-art type of transport. By the subway one could easily get to the three most important city districts: the Downtown, Hadar neighborhood, and the Carmel Center. Today the Haifa subway plays an important role in the city’s public transport system as well. The Carmelit is a popular tourist site, and both kids and grown-ups enjoy visiting it.