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Haifa Cinema and Movies

Haifa Cinema and Movies

Cinemas in Haifa – information and details

Haifa Cinematheque is one of the oldest and most significant art centers in Haifa. Since 1975, its goal was to teach, to promote, and to cultivate young generation of filmmakers, and to explain young people all the secrets of cinematography. The Cinematheque employees regularly visit schools and arrange educational events grounding children the fundamentals of cinema. The Cinematheque offers a wide choice of educational classes for adults and children and lectures on cinema, being the key facility for Haifa International Film Festival as well. Usually the festival is held during the Sukkot week (working days of so called Hol HaMoed, the week between Sukkot and Simhat Torah holidays).

Haifa Cinematheque

The Cinematheque offers its audience a wide variety of programs, including classical movies, reconstructions and retrospectives, and new and modern films. We also offer special programs gathered around the world. Festive screenings intermit with the discussions of the filmmakers with audience. The filmmakers come both from Israel and from abroad. Our programs of lectures are also united with the films by Israeli authors. Haifa Cinematheque is particularly proud with the screenings of Israeli films shot in such genres as action movie, documentary film, or student movie.

Address: HaNasi Avenue, 142, Haifa.
Tel. 04-8353530

Yes PLANET – The cinema theatre in Cinemall!

Welcome to the largest Israeli cinema theatre! It is located in Lev HaMifratz district (The heart of the Bay) and offers innumerable amount of films and endless fun. 23 cinema halls, 4 VIP rooms for private views, a broad choice of movies, and exploiting of the most up-to-date digital projection equipment, huge screens and the state-of-the-art sound system. Besides, Yes PLANET offers the places for business and private meetings, special attractions for children, 4, 000 square meters of restaurants, cafés, and pubs of the leading Israeli networks, easy access by transport from around all the North of Israel, and parking spots for free. Everything is done for perfect recreation!

Yes PLANET offers you a broad choice of 23 cinema halls and a broad specter of movies and programs. A weeks’ blockbuster will be shown in different halls several times. As in the rest of the world, there are no breaks in the middle of the movie, and you can enjoy it uninterruptedly from the beginning to the end. Solid seats with pillows for head and stands for glasses made by the world leading French company “Quint” will allow you to spend your time with the maximum of comfort. The system of the seats’ positioning “as at the stadium” is reputed throughout the world today to be the best.

In Yes PLANET the distance between the seats is the biggest in Israel, so even if you seat with your kids behind Nicola Vujcic (a famous basketball star from Maccabi Tel Aviv) or Maceo Demond Baston (an American basketball star from the same team), you will nonetheless see the screen perfectly well. The distance between the rows is 1.2 meters. You will not have to stand to let go those who were late to their places.

The massive screens in Yes PLANET are among the biggest in the world. Their size was matched the size of the cinemas. In 80s and 90s, in formulas of screen computing parameters the average proportion of a screen width and a cinema hall length was 1:2.5. That is, in a cinema hall with a screen of 6 meters width, the distance between the screen and the last row of seats had to be 15 meters. In Yes PLANET the screens of our cinemas have the proportion of 1:1.4. In the previous example the cinema had to have a 10 meter screen. And the huge modern screens along with the other devices give our audience the biggest pleasure from the view.

Please, for additional information and to book a ticket call: 04-8416898
Address: Lev HaMifratz Junction, Haifa