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The German Colony (HaMoshava HaGermanit)

Haifa German Colony - Itamar Grinberg

Restaurants and Cafes in Haifa –
The german Colony neighborhood

The German Colony

The German Colony (HaMoshava HaGermanit) situated in the downtown is a neighborhood built in 19th century by the German Christians, who called themselves Templers. This district distinguishes with beautiful stone houses with tiled roofs in accordance with the typical city planning of that time. Today you can find here a wide choice of original cafés and good restaurants and enjoy magic and uncommon atmosphere of this Haifa neighborhood.

Visiting Haifa you can see many museums: the Maritime Museum, the Clandestine Immigration and Naval museum, the Museum of Science, the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Haifa Museum of Arts, and many others. All of them are open for visiting all year round and give the guests of the city an opportunity to spend their time interestingly and intensively. The museums fill one’s recreation with entertaining and educating events that suit children and grown-ups.