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Haifa shopping sites – malls and markets

Haifa shopping sites

Best shopping places in Haifa

Information on Haifa Malls

Hutzot HaMifratz

This is a shopping mall with toy stores, sports shops, household goods, furniture shops, office equipment stores, restaurants and cafés. Many large stores are located here as well.
Working hours:
Sun. – Thu. 09:00 – 22:30,
Fri. 9:00 – 14:00, Sat. 20:30 –  22:30.
Tel: 04-8723261
Address:  The Vulcan Junction, Mifratz Haifa.

The Cinemall

Here you will find an entire universe of fun for all ages. In the shopping center for the little kids, there is an amusement park and video games. A wide choice of shops, restaurants, and cafés is at the 23–screen Multiplex cinema theatre (Yes PLANET). Many shows, events and indoor street fairs are held here.
Address: Ha Histadrut Avenue, 55, Mifratz Haifa.
Tel. 04-8416090
Open: Sun. – Thu. 10:00 – 22:00,
Fri. 09:30 – 14:00, Sat. at the end of Sabbath to 23:00.

Horev Center

This shopping mall is situated in the center of the Ahuza neighborhood in Haifa. There are lots of shops, cafés, restaurants, a supermarket, a pharmacy, and a post office.
Address: Horev St., 15
Tel. 04-8246164
Open: Sun. – Thu. 09:00 – 21:00,
Fri. 09:00 – 14:00, Sat. at the end of Sabbath to 22:00.

Panorama Center (Mercaz Panorama)

This shopping center is located in Mercaz HaCarmel (The Carmel Center) and includes lots of shops, cafés, sitting and entertainment areas. The Panorama Center was built in 1986. It is proud with its fashion and clothing exhibitions of the top designers. Panorama Center is in the center of the Carmel Center, and it has a preferred position: trade here is lively, and the people are on the move all the time.
The Panorama Center is located close to the Dan Panorama and other fashionable hotels. It enjoys unquestioning trust of everyone who goes through its doors, regardless of the age. The center is frequented by the people, who live in the vicinity of the Carmel. The trading area of the center is about 4, 000 square meters. For the visitors’ convenience there are 150 parking spots, open around the clock, and the first hour is free of charge.
Address: HaNassi Avenue,109.
Tel. 04-8375011.
Open: Sun. – Thu. 09:00 – 20:00, Fri. 09:00 – 14:00.

Grand Canyon (a shopping mall)

Grand Canyon is the largest center for fashion, shopping, and entertainment in Israel. It houses the biggest international and Israeli networks of shops. It is also the favorite meeting point for the local residents. They go shopping, watch one another, meet their friends, and socialize here. There are more than 150 shops, a SPA, a large covered amusement park (Luna Grand), and 2,500 parking spots in Grand Canyon.
Open: Sun. – Thu. 10:00 – 22:00, Fri. 10:00 – 15:00, Sat. at the end of the Sabbath to 22:30.
Address: Simcha Golan Rd., Neve Sha’anan.
Tel. 04-8121111

The City Center

It is an exclusive shopping mall in the German Colony built in the architectural manner of its founders, the Templers. You will find here high quality shops, cafés, and restaurants. The building in the center of the mall includes two business floors housing 30 shops. Above, there are two 5-storey and 9-storey towers housing offices. Walking in the middle of the restaurants and cafés dispersed throughout the entire mall you encounter such names as Isabella, Café Katz, McDonalds’, a kosher restaurant Itzik in the German Colony, and many more.
Open: Sun. –  Thu. 10:00 – 22:00.
Fri. 10:00 – 15:00. Sat. at the end of the Sabbath to 22:30.
Address: Ben Gurion Avenue, 6.
Tel. 04-8531111

Castra Center - Castra Art, Recreation and Shopping Center

It is situated inside a wondrous architectonic structure, decorated with mould paintings and sculptures by Eric Brower. Inside Castra Center, there are two museums. One of them displays antiques from the old city of Castra, and the other is a puppet theatre chronologically reflecting the history of the Jews. Here you can see the world’s biggest oil painting on ceramic tiles and the Biblical episodes like the Eden Garden, David and Goliath, and so on.

Besides, Castra Center offers art galleries, a master artisans’ district (Cardo), various workshops, shops, restaurants (some are kosher), cafés, a public house, and a wide range of activities for kids and grown-ups.

Special events: creative workshops, classes for bettering of creative skills, dance pavilions and places to watch artists at work.

How to get there: At the southern entrance to Haifa, take the southern interchange towards the Carmel. Castra Center is opposite the Congress Center (Mercaz HaCongressim).
Working hours: Sun. – Thu. 10:00 – 22:00, Fri. 10:00 - 15:00, Sat. 22:00.
Address: Moshe Fliman Street, 8.
Tel. 04-8590001
Fax: 04-8590009

Talpiot Market

Although this market sells fruits and vegetables, it also draws one into a magic world of aromas and flavors, vegetable and spice stalls, fresh pastry, and much more at very attractive prices. You can buy the freshest foodstuffs and experience at first hand the meaning of “farm-to-fork” expression.
Buses: 15,16,18,19,28,37,40,113,114,115.

Shopping in Hadar district

Come to and go along Herzl, He'Chalutz and Nevi’im streets. Enter the old-time shops, offering a wide variety of goods at all prices for any budget. It is a true customers’ paradise!
Buses: 15,16,18,19,28,37,40,113,114,115.