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Haifa Spa Centers – a list of recommendations

Haifa Spa Centers

The most relaxing sites in Haifa city – spa and massage

Information on Haifa SPA

Q SPA and VIP Hall

We invite you to look at Q SPA as a place giving you an opportunity to go deeper into your inner world. We invite you to look at it as a place you can hide in from the city, while our treatments’ the used materials’ quality and uniqueness will help you bring back vitality and energy to your body and spirit, and to awake your feelings. Q SPA invites you to make use of the advantages we offer and to try at least once things you have never tried. In its work Q SPA uses music, special illumination, special sound, water and candles making you relax to the greatest degree. It will sharpen your senses and send you into the journey through time and space, so that the world around you will slow down since the moment you cross the threshold of the SPA. We have 10 unique in their own way treatment salons and a room for relaxation.

The treatments include the massage with oil, peeling of all the body, mud wrap of all the body, hot stones, ayurveda sessions, Jacuzzi, hydrotherapy, peeling, and various types of body wrap within the hot bath. The funnels within the bathtub pour water on you so that you feel packaged in a warm blanket. We want to give your body and soul a perfect sensation of Oriental style recreation and fun.

The capsule

The unique water treatment combines water currents of varying intensity, alternating temperature, steam and ozone. The combination makes perfect atmosphere for the true recreation. The new type of rejuvenating treatment is called “capsule”. It is widely known in the best European SPA centers, and in Israel you can get it only from us, Q SPA.

Hamam (The Turkish sauna)

Hamam is known in the world as a place, where one can clean one’s body and relax in a steamy and hot marble room. Also, you can enjoy unique shower, reminding of the waterfall, of 60 centimeter diameter. Q SPA allows you to choose for yourself the unique treatments, like aromas, oils, and other methods.
Address: Fleeman St., 8, Castra Center, Haifa.
Tel. 04-8503003

SPA in Crowne Plaza Hotel  

The SPA club is a deluxe SPA, a splendid center for health and fitness, designed for those who seek relaxation, generous and quality service, and, most importantly, a true SPA.

The best masseurs of the Northern Israel will offer you outstanding massages as well as a wide range of pleasing and relaxing treatments for singles, couples, or groups. We have rooms for SPA-parties and private events.

SPA “Mandarin” includes finest wet and dry saunas, a big Jacuzzi, a roofed pool with heater, a fully equipped gym, and a great lobby to relax in.

Crowne Plaza Hotel is comfortably situated in the center of Haifa, allowing one easily and fast access there before and after work. Come to enjoy it! We will be glad to see you in our prestigious center for health and fitness, meant for those who want to rest and receive generous and high-quality SPA center service.
Address: Yaffe Nof st., 111, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Mercaz HaCarmel, Haifa
(formerly Crowne Plaza Hotel was Holiday Inn)
Tel.   04-8370974 or 04-8350829

Keller Estate SPA

Keller Estate SPA invites you to experience incomparable pleasure and relaxation amidst the green center of Mercaz HaKarmel, located between the sky and the sea, on the area of a magic ancient house, where there is a truly unique SPA. In Keller mansion, an old building of the times of the Knights of the Temple ornamented in soft and attracting shades, you will be able to rest in one of the prestigious guest rooms, surrounded by candles and intoxicating aromas, and to get any of the numerous treatments you wish.

Here you will be offered a wide range of treatments for you body: a pampering Swedish massage, a massage with aromatic oil, ayurveda, peeling, mud wrap, Dermologica cosmetic treatment, Jacuzzi under the stars, a bath with aromatic oil, relaxing sauna, and many other types of treatments deluxe, which would satisfy even kings and queens.

Our team consists of professional and experienced employees, who will offer you the superior service and make sure, that you will not forget too soon the day in our SPA. We invite you to come to the magic place and to rest from the daily routine full of stresses, so that you give a time-out to your body and soul.

Keller Estate SPA gladly offers you what you truly need: the rest you dreamed of in one of hour fully equipped deluxe guest rooms, where there is a private Jacuzzi, massages, plasma TVs, coffee machines, wine, and five-star service.

If you are looking for:

  • Rest from the daily stresses and a king quality level service
  • Professional cosmetic face care with the production of the famous “Dermologica”
  • Treatments for those whose time is limited
  • A festival for a couple in a room with massages, Jacuzzi, or a bath for a couple decorated with burning candles and oil
  • A gift for a darling - a festival in honor of some date or just so, because you would like to

Consider coming to Keller Estate SPA!
Adress: Sderot HaTzvi, 3, Haifa
Tel.  052-7777746 04-8101199

SPA “Angels Touch”

Maga Shel Mal’achimThis SPA-center was designed using the four major elements: earth, water, air, and fire, which creates very strong energy streams, for our world consists of these elements. The combination creates the sensation of soaring and relaxing from the first minute. As soon as you enter the SPA, you will be met by our employee, who will give you a bath robe and a blanket, pleasant to the touch, and slippers you can take with you in the end of the day. Then, you will go through the glass floor to the waterfall, under a strong stream that creates air bubbles just drawing you. You will be led to dressing rooms, where you can take off your clothes and wear the bath robe. After that you will choose the treatments from the presented list of numerous services: Jacuzzi near tropic plants, a waterfall behind it, a dry sauna (afterwards you can wash your body under your own waterfall). Rest in a Jacuzzi and feel yourself in a rainforest or rest in one of our special rooms, where there are tea, coffee, water, and of course light snacks, even beds you can stretch on under sounds of music and to watch after fish in our enormous, built inside the wall aquarium. And of course, the overall feeling after our unique relaxing treatments in one of our 8 treatment rooms will give you such a sensation of relaxation and calm, that you will want to keep it for a long time.

Address: David Eleazar St., 10, 3 floor.
Almog Building (The Coral Building), Leonardo Hotel, Hof HaKarmel
Contact: Yossi Leibovich 074-7036360, 054-8019331