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Haifa Sports Centers and Clubs

Haifa Sports Centers and Clubs

Information about Haifa Sports Centers

Haifa Sports centers:

Alpha Karting

The center offers karting as a family sport. It is a real adventure for families and groups on the longest route in Israel. Only children above 10 years are allowed.
Address: Haifa Mall, HaCarmel Parking, Intermediate Parking Level
Tel. 04-8501060

Bowling Club

Address: The southern entrance to Haifa, Zigmund Freud Rd.
Tel.  04-8500319, 04-8527506
Buses: 3a, 43, 114

The Tennis Center

The center offers green fields and tennis courts. It was founded in 1982 and has 20 courts, a stadium, two climbing walls, a gym, a library, shower cabins, and dressing rooms. Here is also sports shop, a cafeteria, and a room for coaches. The gym equipment was bought on the donations of Haifa residents.

We offer:
For children and youth we offer socializing and competitive programs including various methods of playing tennis, exercises, gaining sportive experience according to the age and abilities.
Programs for the benefit of the public:

  • Summer program for children for selection of the candidates for the sports school program divided into three trimesters
  • School program for selection of the gifted players (*the school program for the Jewish and Arab students of Haifa schools)
  • Tennis master classes for beginners and advanced sportsmen during the Passover and summer vacation
  • Season tickets for courts for adults (the tickets are made after booking by phone only)
  • Amateur tournaments for the elder children
  • Each Tuesday there are tournaments for the children who train at the center (from 7 to 17 years old)
  • There are national competitions for youth (around 18 years old) during Shavuot under the aegis of ITE. Also there are competitions for other ages, like Maccabiah.

Address: Tzviya VeItzhak, 2, Kfar Samir, southern entrance to Haifa, Zigmund Freud Rd.
Tel. 04-8522721
Buses: 3a, 43, 114.

Alan Offman Sports Center

A covered sports center, where there is a roofed and heated pool, a paddling pool, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a gym, tennis courts, sitting areas, and more.
Address: Derekh Tzarfat, 90.
Tel. 04-8331080
Buses: 26, 30, 31, 99a, 115.

Maccabi Sports Center

Two heated swimming pools, a gym, a Jacuzzi, a wet and a dry sauna.
Address: HaBikurim St., 19, Carmel Center.
Tel. 04-837046
Buses: 22, 23, 28, 30, 31, 37, 99, 131, 133.


Sportan Haifa is one of the biggest sports clubs in Haifa. It is open all the week, from 6:00 to 23:00. Members of the club enjoy the most diverse activities, train at a well-illuminated gym and have access to the squash courts. They can use also room for spinning, gymnastics halls, ping-pong halls, tennis courts, swimming pools (including the roofed one with heater), a wet and a dry sauna, a Jacuzzi, shower rooms, bathrooms, toilets, cafeterias, a sports shop, and green fields. The season ticket to the Sportan includes unlimited use of all the services, even the gym.

There are three types of season tickets in Sportan:

  • A season ticket for a year till 31 of March
  • A season ticket for half a year – 6 months since the registration
  • One-night season ticket for the youth
  • Paid admission to the pool, the sauna, and Jacuzzi

Address: Tzviya VeItzhak, 1, Zigmund Freud Rd.
Tel. 04-8529611, 04-8539160
Buses: 3a, 43, 114