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Masada and Mitzpe Ramon

Masada and Mitzpe Ramon

Masada and Mitzpe Ramon – "The models" of the desert
Masada is one of the most important and well known historical and cultural tourist attractions in the world. The town of Mitzpe Ramon, located close to the site, is an important spot in Israel’s desert tourism as well. In town you can find a variety of hostels and hotels, as well as camping sites and Bedouin Khan. On the El Al website you can find all of the information on Masada and Mitzpe Ramon, and El Al flights from all El Al destinations around the world, which can bring you to this real life oasis.

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Recommended Attractions to Visit in Masada and Mitzpe Ramon:

Masada National Park – One of the most prominent sites in Jewish history, the Masada National Park is actually cosidered a national heritage site. It is an attraction for hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world, and for a good reason. This park includes impressive tales of bravery, and this makes it one of the most popular tourist sites in Israel. At the park itself you can find an audio-visual display which tells the story of the site, and you will be impressed by the tremendous archeological abundance and significant restoration efforts invested in this site. In addition, you will have an amazing view over the Dead Sea and its beautiful surroundings and enjoy the magic of the area. In order to reach the top of the mountain and the fortress, you can take a cable car or climb up on foot.

Makhtesh Ramon – The largest crater of its kind in the entire world, the Ramon Crater is one of the most beautiful sites in the area. You can see it through the visitor’s center at Mitzpe Ramon, or visit the many tour paths by foot, on a bicycle, by jeep, and even on top of a camel. At the crater you will meet some of the most amazing geological phenomena in the world, as well as historical sites and real beautiful spots. At the crater you will enjoy a breathtaking view, great tracks and unusual desert serenity.

Ramon Zoo at Mitzpe Ramon and the Alpaca Ranch – wonderful attractions for the entire family, where you will see the best of the desert animal kingdom. The zoo, part of the Mitzpe Ramon visitor’s center, offers an impressive display of desert animals such as snakes, rodents, scorpions, lizards, and much more. This zoo, which advocates being kind to nature and animals, offers a rare look at the habitats of the area and provides a real zoological experience. At the Alpaca Ranch, which is one of its kind in the entire world, you will meet alpacas, llamas, horses, donkeys, and other animals. You can feed the animals, listen to fascinating stories about the alpacas, visit the wool factory and learn about its production and characteristics.