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Flights to Tel Aviv

Flights to Tel Aviv

Flights to Tel Aviv with EL AL

Tel Aviv is undoubtedly the Israeli center of pastime, leisure, business and culture. Tel Aviv invites its visitors to enjoy the many festivals, markets, beautiful beaches and great shopping options; it is a city of restaurants, clubs and theaters, music and opera centers in addition to the unique urban landscape. It is not in vain that Tel Aviv is considered to be a city that never sleeps, and it is not in vain that millions of tourists visit it yearly, taking part in its unique atmosphere, moving to its swift and exciting rhythm.

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Where to Visit in Tel Aviv?

The White City Lane –
due to which Tel Aviv has attained in 2003 the international recognition as a site of international legacy by UNESCO. Along this lane you can find an important architectural legacy interlaced with unique urban design. The White City Lane enables you to see unique architectural structures throughout the city, structures that were built decades ago, which are a part of Tel Aviv's interesting history. Wonderful gardens and lovely avenues, narrow streets and bigger especially vibrant ones, enable those who walk this unique lane to learn of the complexity and unusual richness of one of Israel's loveliest cities.

Ancient Jaffa – one of the most important centers in the history of Israel and the Jewish people. In Jaffa you can visit varied archeological sites, travel the old city, the harbor and of course enter the churches and mosques of the city. Ancient Jaffa has become an unusual attraction that should not be missed, attracting many tourists from Israel and abroad. Jaffa is home to ancient history and to wonderful stories, which are an inseparable aspect of it, home to a variety of inhabitants and in it you can enjoy the unique atmosphere that offers you special galleries, marvelous restaurants, walking routs in its wonderful narrow alleys and unusual beauty, close by to the vibrant center of Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv Markets – It is advisable to visit the many markets that Tel Aviv has to offer. Among the most interesting markets are the Flea Market and the roofed Farmer Market at the harbor. If you search for markets that are more authentic, which will enable you to encounter Tel Aviv's diverse population, you should not miss the Carmel Market and Levinsky Market. In addition to the many bargains that await you there, you could also enjoy the unique atmosphere, the smells, the unusual colorfulness, and the wonderful tastes of unusual delicatessen that you can purchase in the variety of stands in the market.

Tel Aviv Beach – Tel Aviv's beaches are quite an attraction, throughout the year. Tel Aviv's beaches enable the innumerable tourists from all over the world and the Israeli visitors to enjoy true relaxation near the long promenade and the variety of coffee shops that are spread alongside it. These beaches are a meeting place for many visitors who enjoy the cool water and the warm sun, during summer and winter days.

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