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Vacation in Tiberias

Vacation in Tiberias

Vacation in Lake Tiberias – Tiberias Sea of Galilee

Tiberias is Israel's lowest city and it is located at the shores of the Lake of Galilee; it is one of the cities that attract many tourists every year, both from Israel and from abroad; people who are interested in religion and history, people who are interested in culture and leisure, people who practice water sports and people who wish to enjoy good food, sun and recreation. Tiberias has plenty of hotels, youth hostels and boarding houses, which suit its variety of visitors and are located both in the new city and in the old city.

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Things to Do in Tiberias:

Tiberias' Hot Springs - located very close to the city and offers 17 spas which consist natural minerals of unique healing qualities. Tiberias' Hot Springs attract many tourists from Israel and abroad and offer true gratification throughout the year. Tiberias' Hot Springs enable you to enjoy unique therapeutic methods in addition to spas and natural minerals that you cannot find in other places. Tiberias' Hot Springs site is located on the main road of the city, which you cannot miss, and is adjacent to the city's best hotels, and it offers you true vacation and recreation at your time of leisure. Tiberias' Hot Springs site is suitable for younger and older couples, for families and for singles.

Tiberias' Promenade - which spreads to the length of the marina, offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and pubs. When you visit the city, don't miss the city's Promenade, at the shores of the Lake of Galilee. The city's promenade will enable you to enjoy the city from a slightly different angle, eat, see and experience the beauty of this wonderful city, and also to board a short sail in the waters of the Lake of Galilee, it you'd like to. The boat leaves the area of the promenade during the day and evening hours.

The City's Mall - a pedestrians' only zone, going up from the promenade to the city center holds every evening, during the summer days, a specially colorful and lively bazaar, in which tourists can purchase a variety of souvenirs. In the Mall you can enjoy the local cafes or the splendid ice-cream shops and taste unique local flavors. During the winter months, on especially sunny days and on weekends, you can wander through the Mall and enjoy a variety of activities for the whole family.
The Jewish Tombs of the Just - which form a prominent atteaction in the city, attract many tourists every year. Amongst the Just who are buried in this city are the Rambam, Rabbi Meir Baal Haness, Rabbi Akibba and Rabbi Johanan ben Zakkay. During the organized tours to the city, you can both visit the Jewish Tombs of the Just and learn a little of the rich Jewish culture and of the lives of these Just men.

The Old City of Tiberias - offers a variety of fascinating archeological sites that testify to the city's rich history. Among these sites are the Fortress of Daher el-Omar, St. Peter's Church of the Crusaders and Terra Sancta Monastery. If you wish for your tour in the city to include a unique experience that enables wandering in wonderful sites of historical importance, do not skip the visit the Old City of Tiberias.

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