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Flights  to Cairo

Flights  to Cairo

Information on Flights to various EL AL Destinations in Cairo

A flight to Cairo is a unique experience for the Israeli tourist. Cairo is a fascinating city with ability to combine new and old, western and Arab. The city is divided into two: the old city and the new city. In the old city you can see houses made of mortar and meet peddlers who show their merchandise on simple carts, in contrast to the luxury hotels and European style buildings you can find in the new city. Cairo has important sites that no trip to the city is complete without visiting them, such as Ibn Tulun Mosque, El Imam Al Shafi Mosque, Egypt Museum which contains Byzantine and Pharaonic art, and the Jewish point – Ben Ezra Synagogue. Cairo also offers a variety of exotic markets for shopping lovers, and has many coffee shops and clubs such as Harun Al Rashid, one of the best known in the Middle East, in which you can even dance with princes.

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