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Cape Town

Cape Town

South Africa - Cape Town for Tourists

The most beautiful city in South Africa, and amongst the most beautiful cities in the world. It is located in a breathtaking area and includes an unusual variety of wonderful attractions you can visit in its surroundings. As the capital of South Africa and the city of the parliament, it is a symbol of a complex and especially intriguing history, which attracts many tourists every year. Near wonderful landscapes which surround it from every direction, you will be able to find a variety of interesting attractions, excellent weather conditions throughout the year, spectacular beaches and even incredibly tasty wines.

Cape Town South Africa – main points for tourists

Waterfront Port – one of Cape Town's famous attractions, as well as South Africa as a whole, is Waterfront Port. A beautiful paint like port that turned into a popular tourist attraction by the locals as well as tourists. The port, which developed immensely in recent years, offers visitors excellent restaurants, street performances, great coffee shops and unique and magical atmosphere. You could go from there to a marine tour or visit one of the marine museum in the vicinity.

Table Mountain – if you are planning a trip to Cape Town, you must have heard of Table Mountain quite a bit. Table Mountain is definitely an attraction you would not want to miss. With a cable car or even after a walk, you could reach the top of this charming mountain and discover spectacular beauty, including the city's incredible landscapes, the little gulfs, the side suburbs and unusual islands. Table Mountain, rising to 1,100 meters high, offers at the top a flat plain three kilometers long. You could take a short walk among the many trip routes it has, or just stand in front of the breathtaking landscape and enjoy some moments of peace and beauty.

Clifton Beach – one of Cape Town's famous beaches, considered to be the most beautiful and most popular beach of the city. The water may be cold, but you can enjoy a variety of water sport activities, good restaurants, excellent food and a wonderful atmosphere. If sea, sun, wonderful sand and many locals are of interest to you, don't miss Clifton Beach.

Cape Town Botanical Garden – like in every major city, you can find a botanical garden in Cape Town as well, spreading on over five square kilometers. This charming garden, known by its beauty around the world, offers the visitors an abundance of flora, green planes, restaurants and coffee shops, and even special fairs from time to time.

Cape Town Science Center – if you are coming to Cape Town as part of a family vacation, don't miss a visit to the city's Science Center. Cape Town Science Center is one of the most important museums in South Africa, including more than 200 interactive exhibits regarding science and technology, suitable for all ages. A variety of activities for children alongside experiences, labs and important information on many issues, will make the visit to the special center a real experience.

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