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Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope

South Africa – Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope is one of the must see destinations in South Africa, attracting many tourist every year, for a reason. During the months of September to November, which are considered the best period to visit the area, it offers an exceptional encounter with with beautiful places, breathtaking views and fascinating beauty. The Cape of Good Hope, which is the southest point of Africa, is the meeting point of the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It includes rock cliffs erecting from the sea, just 70 kilimeters from Capetown. The Cape of Good Hopeis one of the most important spots in the African continent, since it used to be the passway between Europe and the Far East until the Suez Canal was inaugurated. Anyway, the Cape of Good Hope kept its reputation due to its dramatic views, which are attractive to many tourist to this day.

Central tourist attractions in the Cape of Good Hope

A recommended way – if you would like to experience you trip in this beautiful area in the most successful way,  we recommend to leave Cape Town towards south southwest until you arrive to Highway M6. During this drive you will pass some magnificent beaches which are located close to the city, the famous Clifton Beach as well as Camps Bay. From there you will continue southward to the beautiful suburb of Liandudno. In the way you will see some charming bays and breathtaking views, which will demonstrate the beauty of the Cape of Good Hope.

The Cape beaches – the Cape of Good Hope, which is actually a peninsula, offers splendid beaches on both sides – the eastern and western. In the western side of the Cape you can find beautiful sand beaches, very good restaurants, hotels, magnificent attractions and a unique holiday atmosphere. In the eastern side of the Cape you will find more pleasant and less cold water; however there are some strong winds in this side, which can disturb you if you would like to swim or spend some longer time on the area. If you do not want to experience the cold water, you can enjoy sitting on the beach, the breeze and the unique ambiance.

Cape Point Lighthouse – one of the best parts if the Cape of Good Hope is the lighthouse, located at the top of the cliff, and provides a magnificent observation point and breathtaking views, starting from the splendid sea shore, thru the amazing views in all directions. 

Seal Island (Robben Island) – This unique island, located about nine miles north of the coast of Cape Town, includes an area of more than four square kilometers and attracts many tourists in its extraordinary history. The island, a tourist attraction not to be missed, served as a prison, hospital and military base from the 17th century to 1996. The island, declared in 1999 a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, was used as the imprisonment of the famous freedom fighter Nelson Mandela. Today we can find there an interesting museum that tells the story of the island and the so complicated history of the country. You will be able to join a tour of the detention facility, the courtyards, and more.

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