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Kruger Park

Kruger Park

South Africa – Kruger Park

Kruger Park (the Kruger National Park) is considered to be the largest park in South Africa and amongst the largest parks in the whole world. It is one of the most popular attractions in the country. Spreading over 18,989 square kilometers, the beautiful park offers an unusual experience for the entire family. The park, bordering with Zimbabwe and Mozambique, is named after Paul Kruger, the Boer leader of the Republic of South Africa, and it is divided into six different ecological areas, which offer typical flora and fauna.

A Trip to South Africa – Main Points of Kruger Park

Birds Hideout – amongst the variety of charming animals in the park you can also find a charming bird hideout located north west to the entry gate – there in this wonderful place, you will find a hideout near a small stream, like some sort of lake. This wonderful hideout allows observation of remarkable birds that nest in the place. Aside from the birds you can also observe other magnificent animals visit, such as crocs, elephants, sea turtles and even hippos.

Knowing the park a bit differently – The amazing park includes enormous areas, spectacular landscapes and an unusual variety of animals. And there is a bit different way to visit the park and get to know it: instead of joining the organized trips, you could go independently and drive in the designated areas, as well as combine hikes and enjoy comfortable roads and wonderful tracks. Alongside the roads you can see giraffes, zebras, monkeys, an abundance of birds of different species and more. Independent driving will enable you to stop on the side of the road and experience the park up close, and enjoy a truly unusual experience.

Night Safari in the park – as part of the activities that the park offers to the tourists, you may also go on a very special trip – the night safari, which gives you a fascinating encounter with different animals and the very unique atmosphere of the park during the night.

The Tamboti and Letaba Rivers – the two famous rivers of Kruger Park, offer the visitors unique routes which allow for a rare encounter with different animals that visit the banks frequently. Driving along these rivers' paths will give you a wonderful experience and a one time opportunity to watch an unusual variety of different animal of different species.

Walking Routes in the Park – If you want to familiarize yourself with the park through your feet, your could pick one of the park's seven walking routes, in an organized group. Two of those charming routes are the Bushman and Oliphant, each 15 kilometers in length. The Bushman route includes a mountainous area which offers lovely flora. In this route you can watch the white rhino, one of the rarest animals in the world, and ancient wall paintings which you will find to the sides of the road. The Oliphant route allows you to watch zebras and buffalo, an amazing , beautiful and rare sight.

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