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The Garden Route and Wine Country

The Garden Route and Wine Country
South Africa – a trip to the Wine Country and Garden Route
Not far away from Capetown  you will find pne of the most toured attractions in South Africa – the Garden Route and Wine Country, which is considered the most famous wine area of South Africa, and amonst the most famous in the whole world. In addition to excellent wine, the area offers marvelous views, national parts and beautiful mountain ranges.
If you would like to experience South Africa  from a different angle and meet unique, astonishing, tasteful and exciting aspects, this area is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of South Africa. In this exceptional area you can combine the highest bungee jump in the world and tasing some of the best wines.

Trip to South Africa – main attractions in the Garden Route and Wine Country:

Wine tasting tours – whether you are a wine aficionado or not, do not miss the fine wines that are available in this incredibly beautiful area. In Cape Town you can get on special wine tours, departing from the city directly to the wine region. These tours include wine tasting and are considered among the best in the world; the tours also include explanations about how they are produced, explanations about the entire region and more.

Stellenbosch – one of the oldest cities in South Africa, established in the 17th century, and is also known as the city of oak trees, due to the huge number of oak trees planted at its inception. In the city you will find a large university, a modern science park and a selection of cafes, restaurants and charming atmosphere.

The Garden Route – this spectacular route, extending for 200 kilometers and runs from the town of Mossel Bay, located near the famous River  Tsitsikammah, is one of the most famous attractions of South Africa,attracting many tourists every year. This particular route offers a beautiful a beautiful landscape, with stunning beaches, numerous hiking trails and much more. The route, which begins in the town of Mossel Bay, offers an encounter with a charming little town, located on the banks of a large lagoon, and offers a variety of good restaurants and excellent seafood.
Wilderness town and the Wilderness National Park – the town of Wilderness, located near the National Park, attracts all those who wish to enjoy the excellent cuisine alongside a charming nature. Wilderness National Park offers a variety of hiking trails and many more different attractions, in water and land.

A bungee jumping full of adrenaline – if you like extreme, do not miss the highest bungee jump from the Bloukrans Bridge, from a height of 216 meters. If you are not sure about jumping, you will settle for no less challenging activities in this region, such as omega tracks over waterfalls or plenty of other activities that can be found nearby, such as horseback riding or hiking trails.
Unique walking trails in Tsitsikammah National Park – in this beautiful national park you will find one of the country's longest tracks, which are considered among the most popular walking tracks around the world, the Otter Trail. Since it is an exceptionally popular track, the number of visitors is limited and therefore pre-registration is required.

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