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Sun City

Sun City

South Africa – Sun City for Tourists

In the north west of South Africa, you will find a resort that doesn't stop, an unusual and unique site. Sun City, also nicknamed "Las Vegas of South Africa", is a two hours drive away from Johannesburg, and is near the city of Rustenburg. The site, starting as a group of luxury hotels built by the tycoon Sol Kerzner, was officially opened on December 1979. Today it offers luxury hotels, a magnificent artificial beach, gourmet restaurants, endless attractions and activities and a colorful and lively atmosphere twenty four hours a day. Whether it is a family trip or not, you can find here unusual array of possibilities.

Sun City South Africa – Main Spots for Travelers:

The Sun City Casino – Sun City Hotel is considered to be the most hedonistic hotel in the entire resort, and as such it offers a luxurious and sophisticated casino, which is recommended even if you do not like casino games. From the moment you enter this unusual casino, you will feel with all your senses the dramatic design and unique atmosphere of the place. The center of the casino is designed as a jungle which includes an artificial water fall, and all of that next to slot machines and casino games. No doubt a visit to this casino is an unusual experience.

The Golf Course – The golf course of the lost city in Sun City was designed by one of the most known professional golf players of South Africa, Gary Player, and it is a short walking distance from the palace of the Lost City. The place has a little artificial lake including 20 crocodiles, unique cars to be driven in the golf course, as well as a specialty shop.

Water World – if you like the water and you are looking for excitement, this is the place for you. The Sun City Water World offers you a variety of unique activities related to water, and many others to fit the taste of all those who like unique and extreme activity. You may have help from the guides of the place and experience the artificial lake while water skiing, jet skiing and more. You could drive the mini cars, jump on trampolines and enjoy an abundance of fun activities. 

Getting to know the Zulu tribe up close – At the Cabanas Hotel you could join the unique experience which will allow you a close encounter with the Zulu tribe. During this encounter you can taste authentic cuisine and listen to the stories of the tribe and even witness some of the known rituals of the tribe.

The Pilanesberg National Park – right next to Sun City you will find Pilanesberg Park. This special national park, the fourth biggest one in South Africa, includes the remains of a volcanic crater, one of three craters of this kind in the world. Geologically the park draws many tourists for its unique landscape, and incredible crater and the special landscapes in it. The park is home for some of the rarer endangered species in the world, like the black rhino, rare seals and more, and it is also home to the "big five": lions, elephants, rhinos, tigers and buffalos.

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