Your Personal State-Of-The-Art Entertainment Experience Now In Your Hands

Streaming on EL AL Flights

First Time in Israel! Streaming on EL AL Flights

Now you can enjoy a state-of-the-art entertainment system on
your personal device.
Prior to the flight download the DreamStream app or software to your laptop
and enjoy favorite content all the way to your destination.

The service is now available on select aircraft.

The flight experience has never been so enjoyable

An entertainment system with streaming technology enables you to view a choice of entertainment programs during the flight with maximal convenience right on your own personal device.

Choose from a rich selection of movies, TV series, music, children's programs, games and more.

To enjoy the system you need, prior to departure, to download the app or software:

To view the programs on your tablet or smartphone download the DreamStream
By EL AL application to your device.


For viewing on your laptop computer you have to ensure that all required software components are installed and that your personal device is compatible with our system. The Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System check is an easy, quick and secure way to check the compatibility of your device.

All you need for the Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System Check is your own
Wi-Fi-enabled personal device, an internet connection and administration rights on your personal device for possible software updates. Once the Wireless In-Flight Entertainment System Check is completed and your personal device is enabled, you are ready to access DreamStream during your flight. Just press the “Check My Laptop” button to start.

All you need to do now is wait for the EL AL logo on the next page to start moving. If it doesn't start after a few seconds, visit to download the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight, then check back here to authenticate your installation

– EL AL passengers on flights that offer the system will receive a text message before their flight.

 Connect to the system during the flight

After take-off connect to the Wi-Fi network called EL AL.

Open the application or the browser and enjoy a selection of programs during your flight!

Have a pleasant flight! 


Terms & Conditions:

  1. The service is available on select 737-900 and 767 aircraft.
  2. Subject to changes in aircraft configuration and the airline’s timetable.
  3. Passengers on flights that offer the system will receive a text message on the cell phone number that appears on their flight reservation.
  4. Use of the system requires downloading the DreamStream By EL AL application or a program for use on a computer – prior to the flight.
  5. Terms of use subject to conditions that appear here