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Fly & Buy

Fly & Buy
EL AL Duty Free offers a large variety of items at especially attractive prices, combining money and points. The items include jewelry and watches, fragrances and cosmetics, spirits, tobacco, chocolate and gifts.

EL AL Duty Free Site!

Order your duty free items online and receive them during the flight

EL AL‘s  website for ordering duty free items enables you to choose gifts for your family, your children and friends without “schlepping” them around with you overseas. Your kids asked for an chocolate and you want to be sure to get it? Looking to buy your regular perfume? Order online easily and conveniently on the EL AL website and the products will be delivered to you during your flight.

Ordering in advance assures you of receiving the products you want. You can order from any place, for your outgoing or returning flight.
When to place your order

The inflight crew will deliver your duty free purchases to you at your seat. Payment for the items will be made on the plane.

Exclusive for Matmid Members!
Purchase your items for money and points: The EL AL Duty Free site offers a large selection of products for payment with a combination of money and points. All you have to do is enter your Matmid membership number and indicate which products you would like to purchase with points.

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