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Satellite Phones on 767 Aircraft

Satellite Phones on 767 Aircraft

Call from the plane for $1.60 per minute – The price is right!

EL AL's advanced technological capabilities  allow you to continue to conduct your business affairs even when you are in the air. In the course of your EL AL flight you can call anywhere in the world, at attractive rates. Someone is waiting to hear from you, so pick up the phone. The service is provided by Iridium.

  • In most 767 fleet

Call anytime, anyplace, anyone

Travelers can make phone calls, regardless of the specific technical standards in a given country, so that you can keep in touch with any telephone subscriber of any phone company – even outside of the zone of those other networks.

 How can I use this service?

Every passenger in every Class can use this service with a calling card.

How much does the service cost?
  • For your convenience, calling cards can be purchased duty free inflight
  • The card costs $8.00 for five minutes
  • The calling card is valid for 12 months, beginning the moment you make your first call. The minimum charge is for 20 seconds.

 How to make a call using a calling card

  1. Dial 2888 > area code for the country you are calling > telephone number > pound mark (#)
  2. An automated answering service will request your pin code* Please note: Dial the pin code after the automated answering service finishes making the request. A code that is keyed in before or during the recorded request will not be accepted and will elicit an error notification.
  3. Dial the pin code that is printed on the back of the calling card.
  4. An automated answering service will inform you of the number of call minutes remaining.Wait until the call is transferred to the desired party.

 For further details

  • Inflight – free telephone service; dial 5050 > pound mark (#) 
  • Israel – Customer Service Center of the service provider: tel. 03-9255050