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Chef Segev Takes Off with EL AL

Chef Segev Takes Off with EL AL
Chef Segev Moshe, Israel’s leading chef and now EL AL's Head Chef, is overseeing a change in the meal menus served on EL AL flights – in all service Classes: Economy, Business, Platinum and First Class.

As Israel’s leading chef, Segev will apply his rich experience and talent to EL AL meals and upgrade the inflight culinary experience.

Segev Moshe is a highly regarded chef who owns several gourmet restaurants and catering companies. He has written successful cookbooks and stars in his own cooking show on Israel television.

We at EL AL believe in meticulously prepared dishes produced with high quality ingredients that combine creativity, good nutrition and interesting textures.

Chef Segev’s cooking is based on the best raw ingredients originating in Israel, which is blessed with plentiful fresh fruits and vegetables as well as excellent fish and meat.

With the new menus, new cooking methods will be introduced that emphasize nutritional values in our meals and include a wider use of herbs to improve taste. The use of preservatives will be minimized.

We at EL AL are pleased and proud to serve you the best of our kitchens, prepared with Israeli ingredients that will make you feel at home anywhere in the world.

Bon Appétit!

Chef Segev Takes Off with EL AL