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Business Class

Business Class

Welcome to your Business Class EL AL flight!

As a Business Class passenger, you will receive personal attention and services on the ground as well as in the air.
We will welcome you at the special check-in counters for EL AL’s premium customers.
Shalom Service representatives are at your service at the designated Business Class counters and will be happy to handle all of your travel arrangements.

EL AL's Business Class offers a unique, luxurious flight experience to meet all of your special needs and enable you to arrive at your business meetings refreshed after your flight.

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 Special Check-in Counters

Speedy check-in with the assistance of a team of professional attendants.


EL AL  Business Class Seats on 767 and 737 Aircraft

For your convenience, in EL AL's Business Class on 767 and 737 aircraft, spacious, comfortable “Cradle” seats support the entire body and feature a wide footrest to give you that at-home feeling.
This seat is designed especially for you, so that you arrive at your destination, anywhere, as refreshed as at home.

In addition, for your convenience, on 767 aircraft you can connect your laptop computer to the 110 V outlet adjacent to your seat; there is no need for a transformer. It is advisable to come equipped with an American-style electric plug.

Pampering Comfort on 777 and 747-700 Aircraft

Premium seats recline to flat beds. The spacious seats afford an exceptional flight experience, enabling passengers to enjoy a comfortable and refreshing sleep in a spacious personal area.
For passengers’ convenience, a sleep partition provides maximal privacy, adjustable private light and A socket for charging laptop computer.

 Alcoholic Beverages

An intoxicating prestigious experience

EL AL is proud to present a fascinating and innovative wine list based exclusively on the finest Israeli wines.
To help meet the challenges, we chose internationally-recognized wine expert Yair Haidu to create a dynamic, up-to-date wine list, attuned to the changing seasons.
The ultimate Business Class wine experience offers our customers exciting wines from some of the large, established cellars, as well as new and surprising taste sensations from boutique wineries.
This enables us to pay tribute to Israeli wines with a unique character and background, adding to our legendary “home away from home” service.

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Additional Business Class Services