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First Class

First Class

Welcome to your First Class EL AL flight!

As a First Class passenger, you will receive personal attention and services on the ground as well as in the air.
We will welcome you at the special check-in counters for EL AL’s premium customers.
Shalom Service representatives are at your service at the designated First Class counters (counters 107-108) and will handle all of your travel arrangements and offer to escort you to the lounge.

The First Class flight experience is enhanced by a prestigious, relaxing and quiet atmosphere.
First Class offers a wide variety of exclusive services and luxurious personal space.

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 Arrival at Airport

Limousine Service

First Class service begins as you leave home. A chauffeur will pick you up personally at your home, office or other venue of your choice. Simply sit back in comfort and tranquility and let us transport you to the airport. We'll also be waiting for you at your destination, after landing, and a chauffeur will drive you to your hotel or office in town.

On your return flight we will provide you with transportation service to the airport and on your return, from the airport to your home or to any other destination of choice.

Limousine service is easy to order, 24 hours a day through all travel agents or directly through the Shalom Service Lounge, at telephone: 03-9714080/2.

  • The service is for passengers holding First Class tickets (Full Fare) and for Top Platinum Matmid Club members (TP) utilizing bonus tickets in First Class.
  • The service is available from your home, your office or any other place of your choice, for direct transportation to/from the airport (with no stops along the way).
  • Transportation service at overseas destinations is provided for up to 100 kilometers / 62 miles.
  • The distance for transportation service from Newark Airport to Philadelphia and back has been extended to 161 kilometers / 100 miles.
  • Passengers who were upgraded to First Class or who are flying on a First Class bonus ticket are not entitled to this service.
  • The service is intended for customers who have purchased an EL AL flight ticket only.

 Special Check-in Counters

Speedy check-in with the assistance of a professional team of attendants.
First Class service is offered by a specially trained and skilled crew to ensure personal and professional service.


A Pampering Experience in Comfort

EL AL is proud to present a fleet of 11 wide-body aircraft of a unified high standard offering an upgraded flight experience. First Class features exclusive bed-seats, produced by the French SICMA company.  The wide state-of-the-art seats afford a flight experience that assures comfortable sleep during the flight. Each seat is secluded thanks to a shell-like partition, affording privacy. The seat is equipped with an especially large personal screen for quality viewing and enjoyment, as well as an adjustable personal light. The seat is equipped with an outlet for charging a personal computer
The comfort, combined with quality personal service by a crew of skilled flight attendants, will ensure a perfect flight experience.

 Alcoholic Beverages

An intoxicating prestigious experience

EL AL is proud to present a fascinating and innovative wine list based exclusively on the finest Israeli wines.
To help meet the challenges, we chose internationally-recognized wine expert Yair Haidu to create a dynamic, up-to-date wine list, attuned to the changing seasons.
The ultimate First Class wine experience offers our customers exciting wines from some of the large, established cellars, as well as new and surprising taste sensations from boutique wineries.
This enables us to pay tribute to Israeli wines with a unique character and background, adding to our legendary “home away from home” service.

To view the Menu click here.

 Breakfast in First Class – Segev’s Choice

From the Chef – First Class Breakfast – Chef Segev’s Breakfast Choices

"For quite a while I have been thinking about introducing special flawless service for our First Class passengers, the kind of service not always found even in first rate restaurants. Thanks to EL AL's active support, we created a diversified meal to please all palates – from those who favor cheeses to those who savor caviar.
We decided to use new glass jars of various sizes and tapas-ware for serving the assorted dishes, for a creative and colorful display.
For one of the main dishes, we decided to offer a piquant Israeli shakshuka served in individual pans.
Our principle aim was to develop a rich innovative menu, as in a restaurant, distinct from that of the other service classes, one that makes the passengers say WOW, one whose choice of foods says that every item served is the very best and of the highest quality, which I personally selected for our First Class".

To view Menu example click here.

 Honor in the Sky

EL AL won three highly regarded prizes in the Cellars in the Sky competition organized by the London-based Business Traveller magazine in December 2013: Gold Medal for dessert wines served in First Class: the winning wine – Heights
Wine from the Golan Heights Winery Bronze Medal for white wines served in First Class: the winning wine - 2011 Yarden Viognier from the Golan Heights Winery Bronze Medal for the selection of wines served inflight More than 30 of the largest and most distinguished airlines participated in the competition, among them: Qantas,  Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Etihad Airways …
While many airlines serve wines that are not domestic, every one of our wine lists is based on kosher Israeli wineries. Success in this

competition is a great achievement for EL AL and for Israeli wines.

 Boutique Beer – Alexander Beer in EL AL’s Premium Classes

Passengers in EL AL’s premium classes can now enjoy Alexander Blonde, a light ale that’s suited to the Israeli weather and temperament and perfect for long or short flights.

Boutique beers do not go through filtering and pasteurization processes and thus retain their fresh taste. They are generally brewed for local consumption because they have a shorter shelf life than commercially produced beers.

The boutique beer industry has been growing in Israel in recent years, as it has in other countries all over the world. 

Additional First Class Services