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EL AL invites you to upgrade

EL AL invites you to enjoy even more pampering experience!
On this page you will find all the upgrade possibilities available to you.

Economy Class Plus

More comfortable and pampering flight experience!
Enjoy improved ergonomic chairs, 33% bigger recline angle, leg support and more treats for luxurious flight experience.
EL AL Upgrade - Economy PLUS

EL AL Upgrade - Preferred Seat

A seat with more leg room – to purchase register now!
Flying in Economy Class? Register for an option to purchase a Preferred Seat with an improved leg room!
EL AL upgrade - Preferred Seat

EL AL Upgrade - Business

Upgrade to Business Class
Propose a bid and enhance your chances to upgrade your ticket to Business Class.
EL AL Upgrade to Business Class

EL AL Upgrade - Extra Seat

Upgrade your flight experience in Economy Class with an Extra Seat!
Propose a bid and enjoy an Extra Seat – available free seat next to yours!
EL AL Upgrade - Extra Seat