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EL AL's International Flights to Eilat

To make the transit process from Tel Aviv to Eilat easier for you, please follow the following instructions:

If you do not have goods to declare 
  1. During your flight to Tel Aviv, ask a flight attendant for a “Customs Declaration Form” to be completed before landing in Tel Aviv.
  2. After landing, proceed to Passport Control.
  3. Then, proceed to the Red Customs Queue and submit the completed form to a Customs Officer. There is no need to retrieve your luggage.
  4. We will deliver your baggage to your connecting flight.

If you have goods to declare -
After Passport Control, please retrieve your baggage and proceed to the Red Customs Queue.
You are to carry your luggage with you to your connecting flight, After exiting Customs, proceed to the complimentary shuttle bus to Terminal 1 for the Eilat flight.
The bus stop is located on Level B of Terminal 3 between entrance gates 21 and 23.