Preferred Seats Table

Preferred seats in each fleet.


Preferred Seats

777-200 45BC, 45HJ, 21AC, 21HK, 22DFG, 46DFG, 22HC
747-400 21BC, 21HJ, 34BC, 34HJ, 35A, 35K, 45BC, 45HJ, 25DEFG, 36DEFG, 46DEFG
767-200 45AC,45HK, 21AC, 21DFG, 21HK, 46DFG
767-300 22AC,
45AC, 46AC, 46HK, 21DFG, 21HK, 46DFG,
757 21ABC, 21HJK, 23Hj, 45ABC, 45HJK, 25ABC
737 45A, 45K, 21ABC, 21HJK
45ABC, 45HJK, 21ABC, 21HJK

* Preferred seats in row 21 are intended for infants with baby cots (Except 737-800/700 aircraft).
If seats in this row have not been ordered for parents traveling with infants and the seats remain available, passengers accompanying EL AL's premium passengers, in the Platinum or Gold tier can order the seats 72 hours before the flight.
Remaining baby cot seats will be allotted only at the airport.

** Preferred Seats may vary according to aircraft configuration.