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Shichor Travel Guide

Shichor Travel Guide

EL AL is pleased to present you with a gift on your flight – a pamphlet about your destination published by Shichor and distributed in all Classes, for 15 destinations!

The pamphlet includes a map of the city, useful information, events calendar, culinary recommendations, shopping and markets, sites to visit, children's favorites, nightlife and many more tips and suggestions.

The guide is distributed for the following destinations:
Madrid, Vienna, Munich, Amsterdam, Rome, Bangkok , New York, Sao Paulo, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Prague, Berlin, London and Paris.

In addition, a guide is distributed for tourists visiting Israel. Published in English, it features maps of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and includes tips and recommendations for these cities.

Shichor Publishing Ltd. specializes in producing content, and in combining advanced technologies with the knowledge and experience accumulated in over 30 years of activity.

Shichor has recently launched the new generation of travel guides, designed specifically for the needs and preferences of the Israeli public.
Shichor’s new website offers you a wealth of recommendations and relevant updates as well as applicable tips, while the new iPhone app allows you to receive location-based information throughout your trip.