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Streaming on EL AL Flights


  1. What is DreamStream?
    DreamStream is the name of our Wireless In-flight Entertainment System that streams content to your own portable device onboard. A server on the aircraft stores the content and distributes it to your device through wireless access points located throughout the aircraft.

  2. How do I access DreamStream Wireless In-flight Entertainment?
    If you have a smartphone or tablet, you must make sure to download the app prior to departure. The DreamStream by EL AL app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.If you are using a laptop, be sure to download the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight software and then load the DreamStream test page on the EL AL website while connected to the internet to confirm that your software settings are compatible.

  3. Can I use the Wireless In-flight Entertainment system without downloading the DreamStream By EL AL App or Microsoft Silverlight?
    No. The DreamStream system requires that you download the correct app or Silverlight to your device prior to departure.

  4. What kind of content will DreamStream offer?
    You will have access to movies, TV shows, music, games and useful information.

  5. Can I control when to start and stop the content?
    Yes, you can control the content you view. Please remember to choose programs suited to the length of your flight so that you don’t miss the end of your program!

  6. Will I be able to access the DreamStream content after my flight?
    The DreamStream Wireless In-flight Entertainment system can only be accessed on board the aircraft.

  7. Will I be able to access the internet?
    No, DreamStream does not allow you to access the internet. The wireless signal your device receives is not connected to the internet; it is limited to the aircraft.

  8. When can I connect to the DreamStream Entertainment system?
    The DreamStream Wireless In-flight Entertainment system can be used as soon as the “Fasten Seatbelt” sign is turned off after take-off until it is illuminated again for landing.

  9. Is it still necessary to enter Flight Mode on my phone or tablet?
    Yes, it is important to select Flight Mode on your phone or tablet and switch off your device prior to take-off. After the seatbelt sign is turned off, you have to enable Wi-Fi on your device to access the system.

  10. Will I be able to change the language on the system?
    Yes, when using the system, enter the settings and change the user interface language.

  11. Is it necessary to use earphones when using the system?
    Yes. To hear the programs in the system, the customer must use earphones.

  12. Which device versions are supported by the system?
    The system supports smartphones and tablets based on iOS and android and PC or Mac computer. Versions 5.1 and higher on iOS devices and 4.2 and higher on androids are fully supported by the system. Likewise, the system will also work with lower versions, but with limited support for Hebrew.
    At this stage the system does not support Windows-based smartphones and tablets.

  13. I have Microsoft Silverlight installed. Why can’t I connect to the DreamStream Wireless In-flight Entertainment system?
    Make sure to have the latest version of Silverlight installed on your laptop with the correct settings configured for connection to the DreamStream system. By loading the test page while connected to the internet you can check whether your version of Silverlight is correct and has the appropriate settings.

  14. Why am I encountering a “plug-in” error message when trying to access the DreamStream Wireless In-flight Entertainment system even though my laptop has Windows 8 and the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight?
    Windows 8 has two browsers, both called Internet Explorer. One browser can be accessed from the Metro interface, while the other is accessible only from the desktop environment. Although the desktop browser allows you to use plug-ins like Silverlight, the Metro browser does not. This means that the DreamStream system is only accessible in the desktop environment. If you are using Windows 8 with Silverlight and encounter a plug-in error message when trying to access the DreamStream system, please check that you are using the browser from the desktop.