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Streaming on EL AL Flights

Disclaimer of Responsibility and Limitation of Liability

Your access to the program/software and other material and their use on or through this system are solely at your responsibility. We do not bear any responsibility for the reliability, and stability of the said program.
This is to clarify that certain content in the system is intended for adults, over 18 years of age. You should be aware that if you allow children under 18 years of age to see content intended for adults over 18 years old, you will bear responsibility for this personally and will not be able to hold the operators of the system and/or EL AL responsible.

Disclaimer of Responsibility
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all responsibility regarding the information, software, products and services included in this system. All of the said information is published “as is” with no guarantee of any kind. We disclaim any responsibility or liability with regard to this information and with regard to software, products and services including in this system. EL AL does not guarantee that this system will operate without mishaps or failures in the hardware, the software, in communication or that it will be resistant to unauthorized access.

Limitation of Liability
EL AL will not bear any responsibility for direct, special, indirect, random, consequential (included, inter alia, loss of profits or income, or penal damage, such as damages of any kind including but not limited to damages subject to equitable remedies or injunctions (whether based on violation of contract, malice, negligence, absolute reliability or others) deriving from:
(I) Access to the system or its use, or delay or inability to use the system or any information included in this system or (II) availability or usability of the products and services, unless the damages derive solely from our exclusive negligence and relate only to expenses that were in actual fact incurred by you and only up to the maximum value of the services that were in fact purchased by you.
Nothing in the above disclaimer of responsibility negates liability that cannot be limited by applicable laws.
Acceptable Use
You are permitted to use this system only for legal and worthy purposes that are in consonance with all laws, regulations and accepted uses in Israel and in any other judicial authority from which you connect to this system. Specifically, you agree not to deface, change or interfere with the basic code of the software: not to perform any action that places an unreasonably heavy or un-proportional load on the system or on the infrastructure connected to it; not to obtain or try to obtain unauthorized access, through whatever means, to all or any one of our networks.

Proprietary Rights and Limitation of Use
All commercial trademarks, copyrights, database rights and other intellectual property in the materials of this system, together with the basic software code, are our property or the property of our suppliers. The system is intended solely for personal use and not for any commercial use. You do not have the right to copy, change, amend, publicize, broadcast, present publicly, distribute, sell or transfer any material in this system; and/or the basic software code, whether in whole or in part, without receiving specific written authorization in advance from us.

Commercial Information and Advertisements
The system contains commercial information and content, such as advertisements and commercials provided by various advertisers who wish to offer services or products for sale. Publication of this content and commercial information does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement on the part of EL AL to buy or use the services or products being offered.
Any transaction that is performed as a result of the content and commercial information advertised on the system will be completed directly with the relevant advertiser. EL AL is not a party to this transaction and will not bear responsibility for such a transaction.

Data Protection
It is your responsibility to take suitable means of protection (against viruses, hacking, etc.). Any use of the system is solely at your responsibility.

If you believe that the system contains content that harms or insults you or violates these rules or your rights, you may contact Tal Kalderon, In-flight Entertainment Manager at talkal@elal.co.il  and we will try to deal with your request as soon as possible. In your request, please specify the nature of the damage or claimed violation, which material caused the damage or violation, and your personal contact details. Further, you must declare that your request is being made in good faith and in the belief that you have the right to take this action.

Change in Terms of Use
EL AL retains the right to change these terms of use from time to time, at its exclusive discretion and without giving any prior notification. Full responsibility for knowledge of these terms of use, as they are updated from time to time, and at all times is yours.
EL AL retains the right to update the information, the services, the products and other materials that appear on this system, at any time and without prior notification. Likewise, we are entitled to change this agreement at any time and the change will go into effect immediately upon publication of the corrected terms and conditions of this system. Accordingly, your continued use of the system attests to your acceptance of the updated terms and conditions.