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Ticket Pack with EL AL

Ticket packs for students

Ticket packs for students studying overseas
applies to purchased a minimum of 3 roundtrip flight tickets packs

The Ticket Pack discount applies to the basic price in effect and does not apply to fuel and security surcharges, taxes and levies.

Ticket Packs for Students Studying Overseas (According to the Following List of Destinations)

A minimum of 3 roundtrip flight tickets may be purchased.


Benefit / Percentage
Discount / Ticket Fare

Ticket Fare
before Discount

Reservation on
Booking Class





Rome, Milan, London, Paris,
Barcelona, Warsaw, Madrid




Ticket Pack Terms:

  • The Ticket Pack is personal and nontransferable.
  • Flight tickets purchased as part of the Ticket Pack are valid for 12 months from the date of the first flight.
  • Reservations and ticketing subject to seat availability. For Budapest only, eligibility for medical students, up to age 33.
  • The Ticket Pack can be upgraded to a higher priced ticket according to rules of the purchased ticket, with the additional payment determined as of the day of the upgrade (the price differential that applies on the day the change is made).
  • Ticket Packs in a class with 2 or 3 seasonal rates will be priced according to the seasonal fare as of the departure date for the first ticket.
  • Minimum stay according to fare conditions (and not to booking class). Maximum stay, one year.
  • Ticket conditions according to fare conditions as they appear in the EL AL systems, according to the purchased class.
  • Not valid for code share flights, except for LX airline.
  • No double benefits / discounts / deals
  • Important: the date of departure for the first ticket must be set in advance (this date cannot be changed). The remaining flight tickets may be changed in the future, subject to availability in the class on the flight. Additional changes according to fare conditions.
  • No refunds will be given for unused tickets.
  • For purchase in Israel only; ticketing only at EL AL offices, without affecting the agent’s commission (a student’s card must be presented as proof of study in the countries listed above, only).
  • Subject to Ticket Pack terms as specified for Ticket Packs for Tel Aviv departures.
  • The Ticket Pack discount will apply only to the basic fare in effect and will not apply to fuel and security surcharges, taxes and levies.
  • Payment will be made in advance for the basic price + fuel surcharge.
  • Regardless of the above, it is hereby clarified that taxes, levies and security surcharges are to be paid separately at the time of ticketing for each of the tickets in the Ticket Pack.
  • Changes in fuel costs will not affect the price of the Ticket Pack that was purchased (no credit for a decrease in fuel prices and no additional charge for an increase in fuel prices).