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Extra Comfort Seat

Condition of use

  1. The conditions specified below apply to the submission of bids for purchasing up to three additional Economy Class seats on flights operated by EL AL Airlines.
  2. This is to clarify that the amount of the bid that is submitted for purchasing additional seat(s) constitutes an addition to the price of the flight ticket that the passenger purchased before submitting the bid.
  3. The person submitting the bid must be an adult, of the legal age of majority.
  4. This is to clarify that entitlement to purchase additional seats:
    • Is personal and nontransferable
    • Is granted only once, regardless of the number of passengers who purchased tickets as part of the aforesaid reservation
    • Is for an extra seat that is only for the use of the person who submitted the winning bid, for comfort and not for seating additional passengers (this seat is not a substitute for purchasing a flight ticket).
    • Is subject to approval by the passenger whose bid was accepted and who may have to sit someplace other than in the seat listed on the flight ticket.
    • Is only for a seat on the aircraft and not for additional benefits, such as receiving an additional meal or extra baggage allowance for this seat.
  5. The purchase of an additional seat is not intended for passengers requiring medical equipment or for passengers flying with baggage that requires an additional seat.
  6. Purchasing a ticket for an additional seat is not intended for use by pets flying in the passenger cabin.
  7. EL AL reserves the right to receive or reject any bids for the purchase of additional seats on specific flights, according to criteria determined by EL AL and updated from time to time at EL AL's exclusive discretion, such as: the state of flight, the amount of the bid, etc.
  8. Approximately 30 hours before the flight – or 48 hours before the flight in the event of an intervening Sabbath or holiday – EL AL will notify the passenger by email whether his/her bid was accepted or rejected.
  9. The passenger may change or cancel his/her bid for an additional seat up to 72 hours before flight departure time via a link on the notification message confirming that the reservation was received by email or by the EL AL Upgrade interface on the EL AL website home page.
  10. Between 72 hours prior to flight departure time and the departure time, it will not be possible to cancel or change the bid for purchasing additional seats. Any change will entail a handling fee of the full payment for the amount that was bid for the additional seat/s.
  11. This is to clarify that in the event of cancelation of the additional seat/s by EL AL for various reasons and constraints connected to EL AL, the passenger will be entitled to a full monetary refund via the credit card that was charged with the amount that was bid for the purchase of additional seats.
  12. This is to clarify that if the passenger cancels or changes his/her flight after purchasing the additional seat/seats he/she will not be entitled to a monetary refund for the purchased additional seat/s and will not be entitled to transfer the entitlement for purchasing additional seats to another person or for another time.
  13. This is to clarify that the passenger’s credit card will be charged for the amount of the bid only when EL AL accepts the bid for a passenger’s purchase of additional seats. The details of the purchase of additional seats that was approved will be updated on the passenger’s reservation (PNR). EL AL will not make a commitment for a specific seat in Economy Class. The seat will be determined after approving the purchase of additional seats based on availability in Economy Class at the same time.
  14. EL AL retains the right to change the above conditions at any time at its own discretion. A notification of substantial changes in conditions will be sent by email to all parties registered for the service when the change goes into effect.