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El Al Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays in USA Only


El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (hereinafter: "El Al") is committed to providing industry-leading service on every flight we operate.
El Al's Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays (hereinafter: "El Al's Plan" or the "Plan") describes what El Al will implement during a lengthy tarmac delay in USA only. This Contingency Plan complies with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.
The term "Tarmac Delay" means the holding of an aircraft on the ground either before taking off or after landing, with no opportunity to deplane.
El Al makes its Plan available at its websites: www.elal.co.il + www.elal.com.
El Al's goal is to make every flight a safe and pleasant experience for its customers. El Al's Plan will be activated during times when customers on these flights are experiencing irregular operations involving a lengthy tarmac delay in USA only. In most cases the cause of lengthy tarmac delays are outside El Al's reasonable control (e.g. weather events, inefficiencies of today's air traffic control (ATC) systems, government operating restrictions, airport construction projects etc.). There are also times when unanticipated flight delays may occur due to airline operations. But no matter what the cause, El Al commits to implement measures under this Plan.

El Al provides the details of its Plan below.

Welcome aboard El Al Airlines!

Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays in USA Only

This Plan is adopted for all scheduled flights operated from/to airports served by El Al Airlines (hereinafter: "El Al").

El Al's Assurances to Customers:

  1. For El Al's flights covered by this Plan that depart from or arrive at any airport in the USA, El Al will not permit an aircraft to remain on the tarmac for more than 240 minutes (4 hours) before allowing passengers to deplane, unless:
    1. The Pilot-In-Command determines there is a safety-related or security-related reason why the aircraft cannot leave its position on the tarmac to deplane passengers; or
    2. Air traffic control ("ATC") advises the Pilot-In-Command that returning to the gate or another disembarkation point elsewhere in order to deplane passengers would significantly disrupt airport operations.
  2. El Al will notify passengers every 30 minutes regarding the status of the Tarmac Delay, including the reason for the Delay (if known).In the event that an aircraft is at the gate or another disembarkation area, and the aircraft doors are opened, El Al will notify passengers every 30 minutes after Scheduled Time of Departure (STD) that they have the opportunity to deplane from the aircraft if the opportunity to deplane actually exists.
  3. For all El Al's flights covered by this Plan, El Al will provide adequate food and potable water no later than 2 hours after the aircraft leaves the gate (in the case of departure) or touches down (in the case of arrival) if the aircraft remains on the tarmac, unless the pilot-in-command determines that safety or security considerations preclude such service.
  4. For all El Al flights covered by this Plan, El Al will provide operable lavatory facilities.
  5. El Al will arrange for medical attention to be provided to those customers in need during a tarmac delay.
    1. All El Al aircraft are equipped with Emergency Medical Kits (EMK) and In-Flight cabin attendants are trained in first aid.
    2. Should a medical situation arise where this training and material is inadequate to address the situation, the pilot-in-command shall be notified and a third party communication link will be established (local airport medical service or alike).
    3. Depending on the guidance issued by the medical service, the pilot-in-command will determine if the aircraft will return to a gate or hard stand for further medical treatment or if the medical attention required may be supplied while the aircraft remains on the tarmac.
  6. El Al has sufficient resources to implement this Plan.
  7. El Al has coordinated this Plan with Airport Authorities at all airports that El Al serves and alternate airports en-route, as well as with local Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and TSA offices, if required.
  8. Codeshare - El Al has coordinated with its codeshare Partner, American Airlines (AA), that in the event of a Tarmac Delay, the operating carrier's plan governs. For details about American Airlines program, please click here