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Code Share Agreements

Code Share Agreements

EL AL Frequent Flyer Club members can accumulate points on flights that have code share agreements with EL AL. The points can be credited only from flights that are operated with EL AL's LY code.

Flights that have code share agreements with EL AL:

We would like to inform you that the Frequent Flyer agreement between EL AL and American Airlines will terminate as of October 31st 2014
  • Last flight date for earning EL AL Matmid Frequent Flyer points from American Airlines flights will be October 31st, 2014
  • Last date for issuing Matmid bonus tickets for American Airlines flights will also be October 31st, 2014 – after this date changing or canceling the bonus ticket will not be permitted

Airlines Destination
American Airlines (AA) For a list of destinations click here
Iberia (IB‏) Madrid, Barcelona
Swiss (LX‏) Zurich
Siberia Airlines (S7) For a list of destinations click here
Vietnam Airlines (VN) For more details click here
Ethiopian Airlines (ET)  Addis Ababa

Rules Governing Code Share Agreements:

When making your reservation, please give the travel agent your Matmid number so that the points will be updated in your Club account automatically. We recommend keeping your flight ticket and boarding pass until the flight has been updated in your account. If your request/reservation of a seat on a flight was not approved, or if you did not travel on the flight, we cannot credit your account with points.

For your information, code share flights have a number of restrictions:

  1. You may use points for bonus tickets only on Swiss (LX) in Economy Class (flight should appear with EL AL's LY code).
  2. Upgrade vouchers to Business or First Class cannot be utilized as part of the code share agreements.
  3. Bonus vouchers for tickets Business or First Class tickets cannot be utilized as part of the code share agreements.
  4. You cannot have a reduced price last-minute upgrade.
  5. You cannot select a seat in advance.

The Number of Points Earned on Code Share Flights:

  1. American Airlines –For point accumulation table for flights until October 31, 2014  click here.
  2. Siberia Airlines – For point accumulation table click here.
  3. Vietnam Airlines – For point accumulation table click here
  4. Ethiopian Airlines – For point accumulation table click here
  5. Point accumulation on other code share flights will be identical to the point accumulation awarded on EL AL flights to the same destination and in the same Class.
  6. Point accumulation on code share flights operated by Siberia Airlines on the Moscow – Novosibirsk route is identical to point accumulation on the Tel Aviv – Moscow route on flights operated by EL AL. To assure point accumulation on the Moscow – Novosibirsk route, passengers must fly EL AL on the Tel Aviv – Moscow – Tel Aviv route.