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Matmid Club Benefits

Additional Details and Information about Utilizing the Benefit for Matmid (TL) members:

  1. The benefit is intended for Matmid (TL) members and/or one accompanying passenger holding a baggage award.
    Please note: the baggage award is issued on the account holder’s name as listed in the Matmid data base. The name on the award can be endorsed to an accompanying passenger during check-in at the EL AL counters.
    Please note: the option to transfer the voucher in points to a passenger accompanying the TL Matmid member is in effect only until 31.10.2014.

  2. The baggage award is for a second piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kilos on flights to any EL AL destination, in Economy Class. (Every member is entitled to use only one baggage award per flight segment).

  3. Matmid TL members holding FLY CARD or FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards are entitled to a 50% discount in money or points when purchasing a baggage award for a second suitcase (not for accompanying passengers).

    The 50% discounts for payment with money (not including accompanying passengers) can be arranged by contacting EL AL's Telephone Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111 until 6 hours before the flight.

    The 50% discount for payment in points can be transferred to an accompanying passenger who is listed on the same reservation. An accompanying passenger who is listed on a different reservation can receive a baggage award voucher for points at the full price.

    For customers with an Israeli bank account, subject to Matmid Club regulations and rules.

  4. Baggage prices for second suitcase:

    Mediterranean Basin and
    European Destinations

    North American, Far East and
    Johannesburg Destinations

    Payment in Money

    Payment in Points

    Payment in Money

    Payment in Points


    200 points


    230 points

  5. Payment in money or points at the 50% discount for Matmid members holding FLY CARD or FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards holders will be rounded up if the sum has a decimal point.
  6. Missing points cannot be supplemented with money.
  7. To utilize the benefit, members must enter their personal account via the identification window on the left side of the page.
  8. Type in the member’s Matmid number including control digits and password for the internet (on the left side of the page) and click on Enter.
  9. In the menu at the top of the page, choose the “Utilizing Points” category, select “Issue a baggage award” and then continue according to website directions.
  10. By October 2, 2014, the baggage award must be printed out and presented upon check-in at the EL AL counter.
    Starting at November 1, 2014 benefit details will be automatically updated in your flight reservation.
  11. The voucher cannot be converted to money.
  12. The benefit may be used on all EL AL flights operated on EL AL aircraft.
    This voucher is not valid for code share flights and/or UP flights and/or continuation flights to destinations with other airlines, for which the baggage conditions are according to the flight route.
  13. Without detracting from the Consumer Protection regulations (cancelation of transaction), 5771 – 2010, the baggage award voucher can be canceled as follows:
    • Until one day before the flight, points for non-utilization of the baggage award will be returned to the member’s account with their original validity date for a handling fee of $10.
    • After the flight, if the baggage benefit was not utilized, the voucher cannot be canceled and the points will not be returned to the account.
    • If a request to cancel the flight is submitted in advance, up to 6 hours before flight time, it will be possible to cancel the baggage award for a handling fee of $10.
    • Cancelation of the baggage award will be handled by the EL AL Telephone Service Center at Tel. 03-9771111.
  14. Changes in the flight number and date of flight on the baggage award will be allowed at an EL AL counter during check in.
  15. A baggage award is valid for 6 months from the day it was issued.
  16. If the baggage award benefit is abused, the member will be charged for the cost of the service.
  17. EL AL may cancel the benefit or change its conditions at any time with no prior notice.
  18. Subject to the benefit conditions and to EL AL regulations and rules as published on the EL AL website.
  19. Regarding EL AL flights, EL AL's general transportation conditions as specified on the EL AL website will apply.
  20. Errors and omissions excepted