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To accumulate flight points, all you have to do is link your credit card to the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club.
This can be done in the following way:

Call Cal Customer Service at Tel 03-5726444, provide your Matmid Frequent Flyer Club membership number and link your Diners cards to the Diners Matmid Club or to the High Miles Club.

Points amassed in the Diners Gifts Club before joining the Diners Matmid Club cannot be converted to the Matmid Frequent Flyer Club. After signing up, points earned in the Diners Club will no longer accumulate in the Diners Gifts Club and flight points will accumulate automatically on your card. From the moment you join the program, the flight points that you accumulate will be listed on your card under the Cal listing.

Information about the number of points accumulated in your Cal credit card will conveniently appear on your monthly Cal card itemization.

Diners Club Matmid Conversion Rates

A. Conversion Ratio:

Credit Card Type Conversion Ratio Contact Information
International Diners Club NIS 1000 = 1 Matmid Point Tel. 03-5726444
Diners Club Gold / Business NIS 750 = 1 Matmid Point
Diners Club Platinum NIS 395 = 1 Matmid Point


Diners Club Gold Globes NIS 500 = 1 Matmid Point


Diners Club Platinum  Globes NIS 333 = 1 Matmid Point


You Diners Club
International / Gold/ Business
NIS 1750 = 1 Matmid Point


You Diners Club
NIS 750 = 1 Matmid Point

* Points accumulate from the 201 shekel.

 How are points converted?
Contact the Cal Company at Tel. 03-5726444 and inform the company of the number of points you wish to transfer to EL AL.
The transfer of points to EL AL will be carried out within seven work days.

  • You can link all of your Cal Diners Club cards to EL AL.
  • Point accrual is per card and the conversion rate is determined by the type of card.
  • Linkage to the program is personal; you may link only the Cal Diners Club that is in your name to your personal Matmid Club membership number.

High Miles Diners – Matmid Conversion Rates

Platinum Diners Club NIS 300 = 1 Matmid Point
International Diners Club NIS 500 = 1 Matmid Point

* Point accumulation from the 201st shekel

Joining the High Miles Club is limited to eligible cards.
To check eligibility and join the club, please contact Customer Service