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Matmid Frequent Flyer

Additional Terms:

  1. Before issuing the voucher on the website, carefully read all the deal terms. Canceling a voucher that is issued and does not meet the terms of the deal will entail a handling fee of $50.
  2. Issuing a bonus ticket within 3 days before the flight entails a handling fee of $50. Platinum and Top Platinum members are exempt from payment for this service up to 24 hours before the flight.
  3. These deal tickets cannot be upgraded.
  4. No points will be earned on these deal tickets.
  5. Subject to all laws:
    • A valid deal voucher may be canceled (for a handling fee of $50) and the points refunded only if the voucher has not been ticketed.
    • A voucher that has not been used and has not been ticketed may be returned for a handling fee of $50.
    • A bonus voucher for the dates of the deal that was issued before publication of the deal may be exchanged for a deal voucher for a handling fee of $50.
    • The vouchers may be changed or canceled through the EL AL website. Changing or canceling vouchers through the Telephone Service Center entails an additional payment of $10 or 20 points. Silver, Gold, Platinum and Top Platinum members are exempt from the additional payment.
    • The date on your flight ticket can be changed, at no cost. Changing destinations entails a payment of $50 (in addition to the differential in airport and fuel surcharges). No-show for a flight entails a fee of $75.