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Lifetime Gold Status for Golden Agers who are Premium Members - FAQ


  • Is eligibility for lifetime Gold membership for those who have had the same status for 10 consecutive years?

    No. The benefit is available to anyone who have held any premium membership during the last 10 years.For example:A customer who had premium Gold status for 5 years, Platinum status for 3 years and Top Platinum status for 2 years will also be eligible for the benefit.

  • Does Silver status count towards eligibility for the benefit?

    Only Matmid members who have held Gold, Platinum or Top Platinum membership for the last 10 consecutive years are eligible for the benefit.

  • I held premium membership for 10 years and still have premium status (Gold, Platinum or Top Platinum); will I receive an additional Gold membership card?

    Lifetime Gold Status will be awarded to Gold tier members who have had premium membership (Gold, Platinum or Top Platinum) during the past 10 years.

  • What must I do to receive the benefit?

    The status will be awarded in advance. Thus, there is no need to call the Telephone Service Center. If your life time Gold card is not received in 30 days time, please contact the Service Center for premium customers by email at: prestige@elal.co.il Your email will be answered within 48 hours.

  • I had premium membership status for 10 consecutive years 15 years ago. Will I receive lifetime Gold membership?

    Lifetime Gold membership will be awarded to members who have had premium membership during the past 10 consecutive years.

  • Is the benefit transferable?

    The benefit is only for Matmid members who have had Gold, Platinum, Top Platinum premium membership for 10 consecutive years and it cannot be transferred.