EL AL & American Express

If your are enrolled in the Membership Rewards ® program from American Express you can use your Membership Rewards points to receive EL AL bonus vouchers.

To transfer points to your "Matmid" account please call American Express at 27 11 2944444 and tell them your 7-digit " Matmid" account number.


Once points are transferred from Membership Rewards to your "Matmid" account, they cannot be reversed. Make sure you transfer the correct amount of points, and confirm your flights transferring Membership Rewards to your "Matmid" account takes three days to process. Please ensure that there is enough time to process your request.

75 Membership Rewards = one "Matmid" point.

For example: A non – peak Economy bonus ticket from New York to Tel Aviv requires 1200 "Matmid" points = 90,000 Membership Rewards (1200 x 70 = 90,000).

After the points have been transferred, call the "Matmid" club to request your bonus voucher.