"Matmid" Club members flying on American Airlines can choose to accumulate points and reciprocal agreement as follows:


Amount Of Miles Traveled on AA Flights First Class Business Class Economy Class (Non Discounted Fares)
0-500 40 30 20
501-1500 60 45 30
1501-2500 80 60 40
2501-3500 120 90 60
3501-4500 160 120 80
4501-5500 200 180 100
5501-6500 240 180 120
6501- And Higer 280 210 140

* Applies to the majority of American Airlines codeshare flights where the two-letter code AA appears before the flight number on the tickets and hoarding cards. AMOUNT OF "MATMID" CLUB POINTS REQUIRED FOR ROUNDTRIP AMERICAN AIRLINES AND EL AL / AMERICAN AIRLINES COMBINATION BONUS TICKETS (There are no one-way bonus tickets)

From/To From/To First Class Business Class Economy Class
North America    Tel Aviv 5600 4000 2200
USA (Except Hawaii)&Canada USA (Except Hawaii)&Canada 3600 2600 1300
USA (Except Hawaii)&Canada Bermuda/Caribbean & Mexico 4400 3400 1500
North America    Europe 4800 3800 2100
North America    Hawaii    4800 3400 1700
North America    Central America 4400 3400 1700
North America    South America 5000 4000 2300
North America    Japan 2500 4000 5400

North America USA (Excluding Hawaii), Canada, Mexico,
Bermuda and the Caribbean.
Caribbean Dominican Republic, Jamiaca,
Hatti, Aruba, Barbados, Virgin Islands.
Central America Belize, Columbia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Venezuela.
South America Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.


Bonus ticket rules:

  1. American Airlines and El Al / American Airlines combination bonus tickets have no minimum stay and one-year maximum stay.
  2. To receive one of these bonus tickets you must have a confirmed roundtrip reservation. There are no open tickets allowed.
  3. Stopovers are permitted (for conditions please call the "Matmid" department).
  4. Bonus tickets cannot be used for travel on codeshare flights operated by a carrier other than American Airlines.

Reciprocal Agreement Rules and Restriction:
  1. "Matmid" points are not earned for travel on American Airlines when purchasing O and Q Class airfares and on AAdvantage award tickets, travel industry discounted airfares, etc.
  2. You cannot earn points/ mileage in both Airlines Frequent Flyer programs simultaneously for one flight. For each flight you take you must choose in which Airlines Frequent Flyer program you want to earn points/ mileage.
  3. Points/Mileage cannot be combined or transferred between the American Airlines' AAdvantage program and the EL AL "Matmid" Club.
  4. "Matmid" points earned from travel on American Airlines are not eligible for use toward the totalpoints required for Silver,Gold & Platinum Club membership.
  5. Additionally, these points cannot be used toward the amount needed for "Last Minute" upgrade eligibility. There are no EL AL bonus upgrade vouchers available for travel on American Airlines and on any EL AL flight listed on a ticket issued by American Airlines.
  6. Only the EL AL reservations department can book a "Matmid" bonus ticket for travel on American Airlines.
  7. There are blackout dates (which apply to both your outbound and return flights) when you cannot use your "Matmid" bonus ticket for travel on American Airlines, Please contact the Matmid Club or the EL AL Reservations Department for specific blackout dates.
  8. American Airlines bonus tickets are subject to special limitations on seating availability so remember to make your reservations far in advance of your actual travel date.
  9. Bonus tickets mast be issued within 21 days of your original booking.
  10. There is a $50 processing fee to change your travel dates once a bonus ticket has been issued.
  11. There is a $50 replacement fee to reissue a lost voucher or bonus ticket for travel on American Airlines.
  12. Routing cannot be altered once your bonus ticket is issued.
  13. EL AL "Matmid" members (including Prestige Tier members) are not entitled to any special services on American Airlines. Access to American Airlines' lounges is available only if the appropriate airfare is purchased.E-clubs: check your account