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Platinum Tier

Platinum Tier
Membership in the Platinum Tier of EL AL's Frequent Flyer Club will be awarded if you have accumulated 5000 points or more from EL AL flights only (basic points) during a one-year period.

Membership will be renewed, one year from the day it was awarded, to members who have accumulated 4500 points or more on EL AL flights only (basic points) during that year.

Platinum Tier benefits

Platinum membership allows you to continue enjoying the benefits awarded to all Matmid members and to Silver and Gold members and also earns you additional special benefits:

  • An additional 50% in points above the base number of points accumulated for EL AL flights (the additional points are valid for award tickets and upgrades and are not counted for priority lists and towards renewing your Platinum Tier status or eligibility for reduced-price last-minute upgrades).

  • Guaranteed seating in Economy Class up to 24 hours before a flight for tickets in Y Class (except during Holiday periods; on code-share flights; on special group flights; and under unusual circumstances that are not under EL AL's control).

  • A 50% discount on the price of reduced-price last-minute upgrades from Business Class to First Class.

  • Platinum and Top Platinum members can issue award tickets in non-bonus classes, for double the number of points B class (for North America) or Q class (for other destinations) in Economy Class; Z in Business Class; A in First Class).

  • For benefits on cancellations and changes of bonus tickets and upgrades to premium classes Click here

  • Enjoy an additional exceptional benefit – an assured-in-advance upgrade to Business Class, including for tickets purchased in Economy Class, at a much lower fare than in the past.It is now possible to upgrade a ticket purchased in B class (for North America) or Q class (for other destinations) , rather than in M or S class respectively, for double the number of points, and thus assure your seat on the flight in advance, saving you precious waiting time.
    Following is a table of points required for various destinations.

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