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King David Club

King David Club
Membership in the King David Club entitles you to royal pampering and special benefits even before you board the plane, so your trip overseas begins on the right foot with services and benefits fit for a king:

King David Club Registration and Benefits

Arrival at airport just one and a half hours before departure. Nevertheless, considering the stringency of the check-in process by authorities in Israel and around the world, we recommend that you arrive at the airport as early as possible. The check-in counters are open beginning four hours before flight departure.
Flight check-in at the King David Club counters and/or Business Class counters, at stations with such counters.
Seat selection 12 months before departure date.
Preferential treatment at all EL AL offices in Israel and overseas.
Hospitality and light refreshments in the King David Lounges at Ben-Gurion Airport (Tel Aviv), in EL AL’s prestigious King David Lounges in New York, London and Paris only before their EL AL flights. Passengers must hold flight tickets with the LY code.
At airports that don't have EL AL hospitality lounges, you may enjoy the hospitality of the local airport lounges before your EL AL flight, in coordination with EL AL representatives on the spot.
Hospitality for one accompanying passenger (over 2 years of age) as a guest in the Lounge.
At the King David Lounge at Ben-Gurion Airport, the following services are available: communications services, a selection of publications, transport to the plane, a Matmid Service Center etc.

Membership in the prestigious King David Club will be awarded if you have accumulated 1000 points or more in 12 consecutive months from EL AL flights only (basic points only). Membership entails an annual fee of $300.

When joining, you are offered the possibility of bringing in another member to the King David Club at a discount of 50% of the registration fee. For Gold and Platinum members, membership is complimentary for one year, as long as your membership card in the Gold or Platinum Tier is valid. Membership in the King David Club will be renewed automatically each year, as long as you maintain your Gold or Platinum status.

If you have dropped from Gold status, you may join the King David Club with a 50% discount during the first 12 consecutive months after the drop in status. In such cases, there is no need to meet the condition of accumulating 1000 points in one year.*

* Gold/Platinum members are entitled to bring in another member to the King David Club, who has not met the criterion of accumulating 1000 points during 12 consecutive months, in return for payment of the full registration fee of $300.

The registration to King David club is through EL AL service center 972-3-9771111

As of July 1, 2014 it will not be possible to purchase membership in the King David Club. Top Platinum, Platinum, Gold members as well as members who have already purchased membership in the King David Club will continue to enjoy the service as long as their membership is valid.