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General Information

General Information

Your membership in the Frequent Flyer Club enables you to amass points from all of your EL AL flights and flights with other partner airlines as well as from the use of products and services of other partner companies. It is important to emphasize that point accumulation is individual and points cannot be transferred to others.

You've accumulated sufficient points? Now you can enjoy Matmid benefits!
To take advantages of these benefits, all you have to do is contact the Telephone Service Center at *2250 and have a your awards issued.

The voucher entitles you to an award ticket or upgrade.

Issue an Award Ticket

You can issue award tickets, online, any time and from anywhere in the world, using points you have accumulated in your EL AL Frequent Flyer Club account The Ticket shall then be sent directly to the email address.

Award ticket and upgrade must be ticketed at EL AL offices up to 24 hours (full work days) before the flight date.

Award ticket that will be issued up to 3 business days prior to departure date (not including the day of the flight) will entail a fee upon ticketing.
For example, for a flight on August 10, the ticket must be issued by August 6.

Award tickets are ticketed in a special class on all EL AL flights. It is recommended to reserve your award seat as early as possible, so as to ensure your place on the desired flight. The special classes for award flights will be available most days of the year. On certain days during peak seasons and holidays, bonus seats will not be allotted.