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Points Matmid Frequent Flyer

Learn more about how to use your “Matmid” frequent flyer points during your Israeli flights.

  • The "Matmid" is the basic tier in EL AL's Frequent Flyer  Club. The more points you accumulate from EL AL Israeli flights, the closer you are to membership in one of EL AL's prestigious tiers - Silver,Gold, Platinum or Top Platinum - which offer many more special benefits for you to enjoy.

  • The number of points accumulated on EL AL flights is determined by the flight destination and the type of ticket you purchased. A flight to a more distant destination and/or a more expensive ticket earns more points.

  • Point accumulation is individual.

  • Basic Points and Extra Points accumulated on EL AL Israeli flights for purchasing bonus tickets and upgrades are valid for three years from the day they were earned.

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It is important to give your membership number when reserving a flight, so that your account will be credited with the points and you will be able to cash them in for benefits. Even when changing flight dates (going or returning), be sure that your membership number is updated in the new reservation.

Your account will be credited with points according to the flight destination and the Class. EL AL destinations are divided into accumulation and utilization zones. The more distant the destination, the greater is the point accumulation. If your EL AL flight is not automatically updated in your account, All you have to do is enter Frequent Flyer Home Page  and update the details of your flight.

In addition, missing flights can also be updated through the Club's voice mail (option 3 on the voice mail menu) by entering the flight number and date.  

The updates of missing flights will be done within 10 working days.*
The EL AL Israeli flights are updated automatically within 72 hours of the flight date. We therefore suggest checking the website only for those flights that were completed more than 72 hours ago, and after checking that they do not in fact appear in your account.

* It is possible to update points for flights taken during the preceding 12 months on condition that you were a Club member when the flight was taken. It is possible to update flights up to two months retroactive to the date of your registration in the Club.

The points you have accumulated from flights and from the purchase of products and services, can buy you bonus tickets or upgrades. To enjoy these benefits,

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