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New EL AL Service!
Express Check-In from London Heathrow

Just 30 seconds on the internet and you can go straight to the boarding gate or the Lounge!!!!
Passengers travelling with hand luggage only – Special service!

Skip all the queues and go straight to the boarding gate
Passengers with lounge privileges and carrying hand luggage only go straight to the Lounge for maximal convenience.
The new service saves precious time at the airport

Heathrow is the first airport in the entire El Al network to allow passengers to check-in on line, print their Airport Authority compatible final boarding pass and, if travelling with hand baggage only, proceed direct to their aircraft departure gate to clear El Al security. Passengers with baggage should go to the designated baggage drop-off desk.

This new development is largely down to the multi million dollar investment El Al has made in cutting edge security technology. The technology is geared to provide a less intrusive, but still robust security procedure, expand the options available to passengers and provide them with a better airport experience.

The benefits of internet check-in are that it can be done from 3 to 24 hours prior to departure from home, office or hotel and will save time, a valuable commodity especially for business travellers, at Heathrow where passengers with luggage can now arrive 2 hours 15 minutes rather than 3 hours as previous. Carry on luggage passengers should arrive at the airport 1hour 30 minutes prior to departure.

Publish Date 30/12/2012