Kids Fly For Up To 50% Less!

ELAL Israel’s national airline, is offering significant savings for families traveling roundtrip to Israel. 

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With this new family fare promotion, children under the age of 12 traveling with two adults on/after April 20th can fly for less.  (As always, the roundtrip fare for children under the age of 2 years is 10% of almost every adult fare.)

With this affordable promotion:

 The first child’s fare will be discounted by 10%,

 The second by 50% 

 The third, fourth and fifth child each receive 25% off the adult fare. 

  • The benefit is valid for EL AL flights which operated by EL AL as a carrier.
  • The Ticket Pack discount applies to the basic price in effect and does not apply to fuel and security surcharges, taxes and levies.
  • Family plan discount is permitted for qualified itineraries N, H, L, V, K, B, Q, M & S
  • Reservation must be purchase via EL AL call center 1-800-223-6700 or  travel agent only.

First published at April 05, 2011

Publish Date 10/05/13
For more information, please contact the Direct Sales Center at 1-800-223-6700