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Programs Now Broadcast Via Streaming Technology Directly to Personal Devices

NEW YORK – June 23, 2014 – EL AL Israel Airlines is offering passengers travelling between Israel and many European destinations an innovative entertainment experience on their personal devices. The new “DreamStream” system, based on streaming technology, enables a passenger to view a choice of in-flight entertainment with maximum convenience on the passengers’ smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

The service, developed by Lufthansa Systems, is available on select EL AL 737-900 and 767 aircraft.

“Continuing the renewal impetus, EL AL is one of the first airlines to offer streaming service on routes between Israel and Europe, providing an informational and entertaining experience,” says EL AL CEO David Maimon. “Entertainment is an integral part of flying and this state-of-the-art upgrade will enhance our passengers’ in-flight experience.”

This Connect entertainment system won the 2012 Crystal Cabin Award and the 2012 Apex Avion Award. Known for being simple and user-friendly, the system offers customers full control when choosing films and programs at a time that suits them.

For passengers to enjoy the entertainment system on a personal device, the “DreamStream” application must be downloaded prior to the flight. For laptop computers, passengers should download Microsoft Silverlight and check its compatibility on the EL AL website. 

Publish Date 25/06/2014